what is MANGIA! MANGIA! monday?

culinary resolution #2

So here is the gist:

All those busy ladies

who use the non-working/non-school days

of Saturdays and Sundays to cook.

{This includes stay-at-home and home-schooling Mamas because I did that too and raising little people and home schooling IS going back to work but without the added perk and sanity dividend of a paycheck}.

Monday through Friday is busy, busy and food is often more task than art.

However, the weekends change things right?


for those who need to:

slow down

drink something yummy

put on some good music

then chop & dice and stir & saute,  because it feels good and right then this is for you


culinary resolution #2your




over the weekend




Every Sunday night I will post the following:

what I cooked on the weekend

what I drank whilst cooking

what music I listened to whilst cooking and drinking

here on my blog

on my facebook group

on #instagram

Your job, my reader, is to add YOUR OWN recipe, drink, and playing soundtrack {or maybe just a recipe, maybe just the drink or the music} that you melted into this weekend on Monday.

By posting at the beginning of the work/school week this will give us all something to think and plan and daydream about during the grind of the week.

{Fellow blogging sisters…add your blog link if you want}.

The writing of Shauna Niequist, Jen Hatmaker, {and I sure unconsciously somewhere Ann Voskamp because I adore her so much} had a part of developing my latent love of real slow cooking and hospitality and how it connects us to Christ and other people.

Here are link to their books:

Savor by Shauna Niequist

For the Love by Jen Hatmaker

Seven by Jen Hatmaker

See also The New Testament Gospels to see how much Jesus dined and invited people around a table and the first five chapters of the Book of Acts to see how the rag tag, un-fancy, persecuted 1st century Christians constantly prayed, ate, and shared everything.

Finally, as if that is not enough!…Here is the link to my 2015 New Year’s Eve post when I decided to ignore the cynically demon that told me this is stupid and got brave taking a faith jump and created this group anyway.