the many slices manifesto

or, the world as I see it…

Jesus of Nazareth often stated a rhetorically sounding phrase:

“for those of you who have ears to hear”

Any person hearing the Master’s words at that moment obviously had properly functioning ears, correct?

The Messiah was not the type of Man who spoke just to hear Himself speak; and so anything He says repetitively should be heavily considered.

“do you have ears that hear”? 

what is He driving at?

The last few years of my life I would describe as a quiet but pivotal shift.

Without trying to sound arrogant, I have developed “hearing ears”.

What am I hearing?

The faint leading voice of the Holy Spirit.

Now when one says or writes the words “Holy Spirit” a barrage of images and pre-supposed associations come to most people’s minds:

from  Pentecostal church revival meeting-whooping and hollering in tongues

to wide-eyed, crystal-wearing, chanting hippies that smell of herbs and garlic at all times.

Those who we refer to, politely of course, as “she is a little out there”

or as the British say it: “he’s a bit barny”.

That is not Who, completely, the Holy Spirit is, or how He usually shows up in human experience.{Though speaking in tongues is straight from authorized scripture and I have observed it in rational, genuine believers. Not to mention there is something to be said about hippy philosophy…I have a kinship with hippies}  The case I am making is, that is not all there is to The Holy Spirit showing up in your life.

The Holy Spirit is, I believe, actually the living personification of”Lady Wisdom” as written in Proverbs chapter eight from Holy Scriptures.  Of course “Lady Wisdom” is also a personification in of itself: a personification of a life lived well. And strictly speaking, in literary terms, personification is NOT a real person, by definition.  But the Holy Spirit is.

You see how slippery this all is!

Spirituality is largely making peace with the


non tangible,


part of life.

One drives at making peace with it, when one realizes it is a vital part of life.

I daresay the most MOST vital because human beings are the only species made in the image of God and therefore spiritual.

When you have ears to hear, no part of life can now be neatly labeled and boxed away as non-spiritual, and therefore God does not really have to come into the equation. This can cause quite a few problems as you can imagine.  A popular saying today is: “Well I am spiritual, but not religious”.  What he or she really means is there are definitive parts of my life where God and morality do not cross over.  In the end, I am ultimately in charge of my life.

A truly hearing person, starts to innately understand that The Lord is “full of eyes” through the actual kingdom of Christ His Son brought to our world, carried out by the act of the Holy Spirit in our actual lives. The neat categorized life is tossed for a swirly soup. Constant faith is now required, not an arsenal of information. But remember this: The Three are always in perfect harmony.

This is good news for me because I am seldom at harmony.

It was the image of a pie, cut into several pieces of varying size,  crumbling at the flaky edges, that led me to title my blog MANY SLICES all those years ago. I have to make many decisions every single day. Many which are significant for myself personally, my family, and The God I follow.  It leaves a woman ragged and tired and bitchy and raving mad after the days and weeks and years start to roll into a chaotic sea beating over your body. As a perfectionists I realized it is impossible to be perfect at everything.  This caused another real problem.

Do you think it is a good thing for a person to become uncomfortable and desperate?

Most self help books, a good many of them on the “Christian” bookshelf at Barnes and Noble would tell you: “of course not, God wants you to be happy and blessed”!

And yet, becoming uncomfortable and desperate was one of the best things that has happened to me.  I consider being desperate and uncomfortable not only a passed blessing but an ongoing one that will lead to my increased happiness.

And it all came about through nothing but brokenness over my own sin nature and the effects of sin torturing my suffering fellow human being, coupled with a driving fear that I could possible live a good, moral, Christian life yet still completely miss what is the actual point and experience of being part of the Kingdom of Christ.

Not a fun happy place to be, I know. But that is the only thing that metamorphosed my plain old ears, to those Christ spoke of as “ears to hear”.

It is as fantastic a privilege as it is hard to develop.

It penetrates all aspects and parts of life.  It is suddenly clear, all decisions are big ones, but do not require being right all the time. It requires really listening all the time.

This is what, after five years of blogging, my blog has become about.

I am often wrong, stubborn, judgmental, and sarcastic.

Knowing this, why would any of you take one word I type to heart?

Well, because I try to honestly listen as I write. I write real events, and the consequential real emotions and reactions I have {good and bad} to them.  And then I try to always imitate Christ so:

The words that I speak to you aren’t mere words. I don’t just make them up on my own. The Father who resides in me crafts each word into a divine act…The person who trusts me will not only do what I’m doing but even greater things, because I, on my way to the Father, am giving you the same work to do that I’ve been doing. You can count on it. ~Gospel of John. Chapter 14. Verses 9&12-13

So when I post and photograph about all that I am experiencing,  find to be true in life, be it:

daughters, marriage, essential oils, Italian food, why we drink boxed wine, gardens and chickens, going to church and not going to church,why we had to stop watching Games of Thrones, refugees pouring into Europe, or going to Cape May NJ every spring with my husband…

it is really not just how the world is or should be according to Leah, though that is what all writers do, consciously or unconsciously:  relate how we see the world, and how it aught to be.

I aim to have it eventual meander and edit its way to simply being what I hear The Spirit speaking, because I have ears to hear. And that opens a numerous amounts of doors we never knew where there.



Thanks for reading.