Like A Tree: my writing series

31 DAYSIn October 2015 I joined the hordes of bloggin’ folks who every year write every day{or try to} in the month of October. The name of my series, after I realized on October 2nd one was “supposed to” name your 31day writing endeavor, became LIKE A TREE.  Partly inspired by Psalms Chapter One where The Lord promises “we shall be like a tree planted by steams of living water” and partly because in October in Upstate New York the trees are spectacular and everyone feels like Robert Frost Jr. when she looks at the gorgeous trees. I loved this hard discipline of making myself get my butt in front of the PC every morning as soon as the breakfast dishes were set to drying.  The Lord sure surprised me in what came arching out of my mind to land on flying keys to put up on a screen.

I improved at my craft.

I hope this series gives a clearer picture of what is the TRUE face of Christ to a dry- religion-weary-generation.

Click here to start my LIKE A TREE series from the beginning

{and then go to “next post” to read my series from day 1 to day 31}



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