upstate new york

Bio: I figured out early on that I just have to write. As a child it was up in trees and sprawled out on my bed. In my twenties it was in bound journals while the babies were sleeping. Shortly after I turned 30 I became a blogger. Blogging led to photography, which I now love and need almost as much as writing. More importantly blogging led finding kindred spirits who I "get" and who "get" me. I write simply about what is happening in my life. Anything that is important, relevant, and always true. My husband, my four daughters, my pursuits of being creative, reading good books and posting really long reviews on my books on goodreads, enjoying good food, wine & nature. Seeing and hearing people. Really seeing and hearing people as The Holy Spirit gives eyes to see and ears to hear. The thread that ties it all together is Jesus Christ. It is He who propels and beautifies this messy, chaotic, and full, life.

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