02.13.17_snow day

the dog woke me, rudely, at 6am

only minutes before my alarm was programmed to wake me, rudely

neither dog nor alarm were a necessity turns out

he was just torturing the cat, again

we had another snow day from school, again

but who does not love a monday snow day?

even one that starts rude



outside with the white stuff



inside with the wii…

escaping in the music room


It has been about a five-month pause for me on “many slices”.

Lots of reasons; none I have any desire to explain.

I just know life gets lackluster and tedious without some sort of creativity.

Then there is social media; dangling just enough of a hunk of vanity to keep my public blog up.

In attempt to stay organized and purposeful I have always subscribed to the practice or perhaps better stated, the discipline, of keeping hard edges to my daily schedule.

I practice this in my spiritual life, marital life, parental life, my exercise, my nutrition, my job.  Why not with my creativity?  Since my “hard edge” of my work life is to not work on Mondays, it is a natural segue to snap photos,write a few lines, and post on Monday too.

We shall see how long it lasts.

Here is one of my favorite photo edits…







One thought on “02.13.17_snow day

  1. Hey Leah, I’m just now reading this as I sit in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen. Life’s been crazy as usual. I love that you’re going to post in Monday’s and it’s a great idea to reserve a day for no work. I should do the same thing–post in Monday’s, snap some photos, get creative. It is important! I’m looking forward to your posts!


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