five_five minute friday post


Such a small number

The just enough number

The digit of fingers attached to our hands to hold and do

Five years of life is deemed the best age for tiny humans to pitter-patter off to school with backpacks wider than the width of their rib cage

Five Minute Friday was imagined and birthed and carried out by Lisa Jo Baker because she is among “those who have ears to hear”

Hear the importance of silence over the din of doing

Hear “be brave”

Hear “stop worrying about perfect”

Hear ” social media stats and likes and follows are chaff  blowing in the wind…here today gone tomorrow…unremembered”

Five Minute Friday is a lot of things but I say what stands out the most is that it is genuine.



Linking up today with Kate Motaung who took the Five Minute reins from Lisa Jo Baker a while ago.

I am so thankful I “so happened to stumble upon” this weird hard to explain thing called Five Minute Friday.  I confess, I always go over five minutes….I have not even posted in nearly three month due to our moving to the sticks and now have the world’s worst internet connection, and being in my own season of waiting silence.  Also, I don’t even do twitter or instagram!  Yet, I have stuck around.

 It keeps pulling me back because it is my online tribe: women who doggedly listen then write about life in between living life.

I am amazed at the broad spectrum of women who contribute. Their life experiences, ages, demographics.  It is another reason I stick around.

I was nerdily excited when I found out that one of my Five Minute Friday posts and photography was selected to be in Susan Shipe’s new book, coming out next week.  I am probably the least visible contributor not only because of the whole “our internet now sucks” thing but because I find the social media world much too loud.  I don’t do any of the things one is supposed to do to increase readership.  Well, I should clarify that: I have started doing all those things one is supposed to do to find your stand out twinkle in the vast black hole of the world wide web…for about a week.  Then I get in a very bad mood.  The cynicism  I constantly keep in my back pocket gets pasted on the front of my T-shirt. No one in my family likes me like that. I don’t like me like that.  For reasons I can’t quite articulate The Holy Spirit starts to get muffled in my inner man.  I begin to feel I am playing a part in someone else’s money-making-scheme, not being genuine. I begin to feel angry about things that are not worth getting angry about. I begin to feel bad about myself over things I should not feel bad about.

********************************************************                             So read this plug fast and stick it good to that swollen memory bank of yours because the chances are high I will not get around to plugging it again! ************************************************************



Go to on September 26th to treat yourself to a copy!

Knowing Kate she will be doing lots of give a ways and fun stuff at her site that day.

Who knows the stars and my moods may just so align that I get in on the promotional action and give some copies away here at many slices too.


Here is to five!



3 thoughts on “five_five minute friday post

  1. Leah, so glad you found this space too. It truly is a gift. This is so true: “Five Minute Friday is a lot of things but I say what stands out the most is that it is genuine.” I’m your neighbor over a FMF this week.


  2. “The just enough number.” When I think of how you weaved the number five into so many “just enough” ideas, I smiled. Then I think about what I wrote, and it fits right into your “just enough” thought. For me, five is just enough to get me started on my journey.
    I’m glad we’re neighbors.


  3. I’m relatively new to FMF but I, too, am amazed by the community of people in this group and I’m grateful to be a part of it. I’m glad you stuck around and I look forward to reading more of your posts. Visiting from FMF#23


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