HAVEN_{five minute friday}


a haven must be bigger than self

not just in terms of size

in lasting-ness

in experience

we purposely sought out:

dirt roads that make your vehicle shake if you go over 30 mph

internet connection that is sparse

“don’t leave out your garbage or feed the birds cuz the bears will just eat it”

for the haven we felt would only be found in rural living

the moving process took longer, cost more, and felt stranger than we anticipated

when we are gray and childless and want  to downsize it is very possible we will donate our house to charity rather than get waist deep in the muck of real estate ever again

more than the goodness of


better schools

close work

a pretty view

the haven seems to be dredged in the land and the trees themselves

how the air smells different and you can see more sky

surround in a fishbowl of natural elements, not asphalt and other roof tops

it feels older and wiser

more content and at ease at whatever may be coming down the pike,

“cuz there is nothing new under the sun”

being surrounded in nature is like being cocooned in the attributes of God:

The Haven.



Linking up today with Kate and the other listening, writing souls at Five Minute Friday.

It has been a long time since I have linked up because of the moving and no internet thing.

Please click to on this link to read more posts or get brave, don’t over think and write one yourself.  I promise it will not hurt.





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