why I wrote a manifesto

It has been over six weeks since I posted anything here at manyslices.

There are lots of reasons. The big one: we finally moved!

Also, because I was not sure exactly why I should keep writing once we get the internet at our house.  Yes, that is right…it has been four weeks now with no internet at our house. A situation that needs to be fixed!

Not being on social media, makes you take a long hard look at social media.

Just like moving makes you take a long hard look at why exactly you are making such a drastic, expensive life change.

It comes down to the bigger picture and belief in the why of life.  Or at least the why pertaining to why we do what we are doing in our life.

As I write this it is our third day at Cape May, NJ.

Our annual Spring marriage time out:

I suddenly have more time, less stress, and wi-fi!

Shortly before moving I read a link on a blog my cousin writes about the importance of having a manifesto attached to your blog as a way of making the point of your writing space more clear for your readers and for yourself.

Clarity is good.

And hard to come by.

But between packing, and negotiating contracts, and worrying about mortgages and rent at the same time, manifestos for my personal blog got put on the lukewarm, out of near sight, back burners.

I missed writing, however.  And so I knew that I needed to continue when I could.

So before I could dive into a particular post I needed to spend time on the why I decided.

Why should you read this?

What is it I believe?

And what is the overall theme of this space?

So please check out my “many slices manifesto” at the top of my page. Or simply click this link.

Read it slow, resisting the urge to speed read an over 1000 word anything when on the web.

I hope to be back soon with lots of photography and stories and perspectives of what it is like at our new country house and home.



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