whole {five minute friday time}


DSCN0301I am no connoisseur of art.

My own attempt at drawing looks like the work of an elementary child. An early elementary child. Except no one hangs my pictures up to display.

All the same, since high school I have admired the works of the great Impressionists. Perhaps because I like how colorful blobs of tinted oils can, with a genius hand, conjure a beautiful scene, relay a feeling:

creative magic.

Last spring we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Arts in NYC.

That place is huge.

A sprawling maze of artifacts, sculptures, paintings, students, tourists. I made a point to get myself to the 18th and 19th Century Masters Wing before our feet gave out.  Seeing actual VanGoghs, Monets, Renoirs, nose to nose was an experience. {I refused to whip out my camera to take a picture of the art or worse, poise in front of one. Way too tacky}

What I did do was to literally get nose to nose with the framed works, as I once read to do.

So very, very close to a Pierre Auguste Renoir seemed to reveal the gentleman held as much promise to be a great artist as much as I do. 

Messy, running together blobs; like an amateur attempt at abstract. Then I took several steps back and the transformation was instant:

each smear and blob of light and dark

seemingly random

meant something

was part of a whole

that was in the eye of the Master the whole time.

I don’t think I have to spell out the spiritual metaphor:

your ugly smears?

splotches appearing as mistakes?

awkward offerings you are convinced represent sub par accomplishments?

Give it a few steps of time and see

be awed

and humbled

at what the creative Master was doing all along.

The whole matters the most.


Linking up at the end of this Friday instead of at the beginning with the creative flash mob of writers known as FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY.

Click to read some more writing exposes on the word prompt WHOLE over at Kate’s place.  Or get brave and spin your own.  I promise it won’t hurt.



2 thoughts on “whole {five minute friday time}

  1. Beautiful post- it reminds me of the verse that says we are God’s masterpiece. So true that it’s often hard to see what he’s doing when we’re close to a situation but he can work even the messy bits into something beautiful. Visiting from FMF.


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