menace to society

selfi painting 1

{me. the menace}


“People like you must create. If you don’t create, Bernadette, you will become a menace to society.”


This is my favorite line from a recently read novel, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple.  {read my riveting reviewing to the right}.

This funny quote found its not so funny true stride in my own life this week.

I am fastly becoming my own particular menace to society with my life being dominated with work, getting our house “ready to go back on the market” {barf. i hate that phrase} along with contacting, negotiating, and swimming through legalese, with Realtors, mortgage brokers, and lawyers.

I yo-yo between excitement and stress

fatigue and adrenaline

giddy and bitchy

the way only a female can

for a few weeks now.

Writing, cooking, photography, pre-gardening plans, even lame Easter decorating is not something I have the time to indulge in.

Creativity is a funny little thing…

so slippery.

Not a tangible physical need,

but an intangible peripheral need.

Turns out the peripheral is pretty important though.

We can live on meat and potatoes and water alone after all, but given the choice, why would you?

Society is not in any immediant danger, yet, due to my current life circumstance, but my family sure is.  I am taking next week off of work because I feel the tipping point may be fast approaching, and it would be pretty embarrassing to get fired from my daughter’s school. So I am removing the potential hazard and not coming in.

I texted my friend on her birthday the following message:

i am pretty sure if the anti Christ is in the world already he has taken the form of a real estate agent


True text.

She did not respond.

So here is me tying to stuff down the menace by doing some quick creativity.

For the good of all mankind.

{#1. the view from up here}

Me taking pictures from twelve feet in the air on a ladder in our master bedroom because I loved the view and the light.

{#2. painting and drinking at the same time selfi}

Yes. From the same twelve feet in the air location.

No, it was not a good idea, I now agree.

ernest spring


{#3. poking tulips in march}

This quote is from the book I am currently reading, A Movable Feast, a memoir by Ernest Hemingway, written at the end of his life, sadly, shortly before he took his own. I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Ernest Hemingway was the first real classical writer that I ever read that was not coerced  by an English teacher. To read Hemingway is to read bare, stripped down observant writing at its finest.  Whenever I feel like I am getting too flowery or long-winded or worse, using excessive adjectives, I think:

“what would Ernest write”.

{#4. easy-peasy sewing at its finest}

I love to make curtains.

I admit it I do.

It is the perfect marriage of housewife practicality and creativity.

It is falls into the following formula:

I do not want the neighbors to see me naked + I want to make and see something pretty+ I only have 25 minutes+ I have 20 bucks = I make curtains.

Menace to society.










4 thoughts on “menace to society

  1. Hahahaha I love this piece so much.

    I am glad you neutralized your menacing for the time being. 😉

    Also, I am about to read The Paris Wife and have realized my need for some Hemingway. Where did you start?


    • My introduction was his Farewell To Arms novel. I also suggest The Sun Also Rises. I almost wish I read A Moveable Feast first because it makes me sympothise with the sad bare writer even more. Happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I was so in a MOOD when I posted that, can you tell. You need to read Where’d You Go Bernadette? Micey! I KNOW YOU would appreciate the snarking humor and the uplifting message despite all the crazy town!

      Liked by 1 person

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