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Statement Of Faith

“I have good news”

All news sparks questions. Have you ever noticed?

Try this experiment:

Tell a piece of news {news getting its meaning from “something new”}.

” We just put a purchase offer in for a house”

for example or

“My daughter is bringing her white rabbit Luna to school today”

{both true}

And see how long it takes for a question to be asked of you.

Now, unless your audience is a particularly unimaginative silent type or the narcissistic type who uses a pause in any and all conversation to make a sudden change in course so she can start to spew forth about herself,  you will almost always get a question in return, within seconds.

From there starts the social volleying called dialogue. And at certain times this dialogue that started trivial leads to those things that matter: A conversation.

And so here is the question?

When we, referred to by some first-century observers, as

“people of the way”,

we the “Jesus freaks”

the “God folks”

the “Bible thumpers”

the “Evangelicals”

the “religious fundamentals”

 We Christians: Does our conversation, sparked by news, any news, have the blood-tinted colored,  savory aroma, salty taste, peculiar sound, of THE GOOD NEWS?

I am working my mind around the, who how what and why, we should be speaking, a lot lately.

For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaketh. 

When simply relating our stuff, our comings and coming, the news of our life, trite or titanic, and how we speak of it, relates the direct correlation of what is at the core of us.

If Christ has made me new on the inside, then my pulse should thump in a one-two-beat of distinction. The pulse of Heaven.

Does Christ in you mean primarily that you are now more moral? Then morality will certainly spew out.

Does Christ in you mean primarily that you are now right and the rest wrong? Then judgement will certainly spew out.

Does Christ in you mean primarily that you are now privy to secret special knowledge? Then helpful advice to be more….{fill in the blank} will certainly spew out of you.

None of these are wrong, in of themselves and each refract a fraction of what we have gained from Christ on the cross and risen for us, but it is not the whole of the truth. I know it cannot be the whole picture because when I start to find my identify in any of these three:


being right

having superior knowledge

the love of Christ starts to sink down. I loom large, like a diva craving the spotlight to be the star of my own life show.

And so honestly, I find myself tripping over my own indecisive tongue; hyper aware to not say wrong thing and therefore be thought of as “one of those Christians”.

But Christ did not die for me to stutter, either.

He died to save me, so then I could do ONE THING: make disciples. {See the last words of Christ to His own disciples in the all of the Gospels…He states it clear and obvious}.

And so,

the question comes back round:

What do I speak of, and how, and why, and with what intent when the conversation trickles down deeper than weather, a good netflix series, and what the kids are up to?

There is no absolute right answer because relationship and situations are supposed to  be ever shifting.  But over and over again, as I am made aware of the power of words, The Holy Spirit has prompted me to open my mouth to:

speak simple testimony.

Testimony of how my life, how this situation, this whatever, is vastly different because of Christ. A Christ that is real, and good, and faithful, though still such a mystery. It is not what He has done for me to change me into something better, {though He has}, and in some ways my life is worse!  Worse, that is if you consider harder terrible; and that is when happy self-help gets chucked right out the window! No, I find myself simply relating that simply He has show up and changed my situation, my unhealthy mindsets, my stubborn heart, because He can’t stay away from me, because of His love for me.  

It is actually very freeing because having all the answers, personal solutions, profound insight into the mysteries of The Bible, are not required you see!

Furthermore, when we humbly relate how Christ has changed us, because we needed it, and could not ourselves, the superiority and judgement that drips so often from our lips, {intentionally and unintentionally} that repulses others, gets sealed off. Humility natural flows instead and this produces human camaraderie.  And isn’t that supposed to be the point of all conversations to begin with?  Unless, of course, you are one of those unimaginative, introspective, narcissistic types I try to avoid at all costs.

{Ouch! Intended}

 So next time you have some personal news to relate and the conversation turns past the trivial , and you skate timidly unto uncertain ground, but ground that matters, remember your own “Good News”.

Linking up much later in the day with the always refreshing, talented crowd over at Kate’s Place for another Five Minute Friday. Click to read or get brave and submit your own, it won’t hurt, I promise.



4 thoughts on “NEWS_five minute friday

  1. Thanks for your comment on my site and great job with your post! You are right, news almost always sparks a question that then leads to a conversation. Hopefully we help it move in a direction that honors God! Good reminders! Thanks!


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