LIMIT_five minute friday


“I can’t do it all”!

Exasperated we cry it often.


we continue doing it all.

Oh yes, a chore or pet here, a firm “that is your job babe” there, and we get our hands off, but with a watchful eye, that shudders at how it is not done right.

Our mind is a fractured sick pie chart

with blurry  hazy lines divided un-neatly,un-logically

into tempered sections labeled:







faith walk,

But that is not all:

peer closer and you see scrawled in a hurried hand sub divisions for each slice of responsibility :

children...proper time to talk and listen, worldly influence, electronics, creativity, home work, is she too young?, isn’t he getting a little old?…

marriage…my subdivisions pulse in and out of focus depending on my mood, stress, how truthful and humble I let myself be this week

work…more like rhetorical questions…should I do more?…should I do less?…what about the hefty price tag of braces?…what about the hefty price tag of too stressed to notice?….

food?…your healthy choices and grocery lists fluctuates with how many articles you have read online or pintrest or recipe books…not from planning or realistic goals

the house instantly splinters into dark scary boxes

each one representing that:



gross smell

unfinished project

So forth and so forth…

until we relent…

when we humbly say “uncle” and tell our Heavenly Father:

“I have limits, but I stink at setting them, understanding them,

will you show me”?

And if you are wise you will

slow down,

be silent, listen,

take care of yourself,

obey the Spirit’s whispers to

set you free by doing, usually practical hard things,

change the way you think about things..

and then you tell your family about it:


tell the truth about what they have or have not done

and then you pray

and do the next thing


Linking up with Kate over at Five Minute Friday this cold February morning.



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