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It is Mangia!Mangia!monday after the Super Bowl.

The NFL Super bowl is synonymous with not only football but with food too of course!

We had friends over and had make-it-yourself-naan-pizza, which I have already wrote and shared about here; it is always a great choice for an easy crowd pleaser.

The new thing I tried was Honey Garlic Brie Pastry.

The recipe came from Kristin Schell. A food blogger who not only shares great recipes but has a giant heart for carrying out the Biblical command for hospitality and being a good neighbor.

What struck me first and foremost about this recipe was her claim that it:

a} tastes delicous

b} is super easy

c} but looks complicated

Few things in the culinary world give more pleasure than serving a delicious dish to others that looks complicated and fancy but in actuality took less than ten minutes and so easy  a third grader could do it!

So without further ado I give you this week’s edition of Mangia!Mangia!monday:

Honey Garlic Brie Pastry Recipe:


~ 2 frozen puff pastry sheets, thawed

~ 1 tablespoon of butter

~ 5 cloves of garlic, minced

~a 16 oz wheel of brie cheese

~ about 4 tablespoons of honey


1}   pre-heat oven to 375 degrees

2}  grease a 9″ pie dish

3}  drape one of the pastry sheets over the pan so that it is laying over the edge

4}  put the brie wedge circle smack in the middle on top of the pastry in the pie dish

5}  in a pan saute the butter and the garlic on low heat; just until it is soft- DO NOT BROWN THE BITS

6]  pour the melted goodness over the brie and fold up the pastry edges so as to cover up the brie

7}  drape the second pastry sheet on top and tuck in the corners making a round circle of the whole cheesy-pastry concoction

8}  bake for 20-25 minutes till golden brown on top

9} transfer to platter when done and drizzle with honey while still warm and serve immediately


I think I bought the wrong “frozen puff pastry sheets” because I have never bought such an animal before…they were really thick…not paper thin and flaky as I surmise the recipe intended…so seeing it was already a thick carb-laden bread-y concoction I decided to skip adding the second layer of pasty and just folded and pinched the first one over the brie.  It was still awesome.  So if you buy the wrong kind of pastry since there are like seven different kinds of pasty puffs in the frozen section of most groceries stores I say just use common sense on how much pastry is enough pastry!

Once again with a house full there was no music playing just several conversations and jokes on a constant loop.

It was my 36th birthday {happy birthday and holy cow i am getting old to me}and so I had some birthday wine given to me:

super bowl #5

Two year old dry Riesling…good with…anything {thank you Mariah!}

Also, since my husband is a home brewer we had to purchase a make- it- yourself- craft- pack for the festivities of course.

I had this:

super bow #4


Sananac’s Irish Red Ale

Both the wine and brew are from local upstate NY companies.

My fourteen-year-old daughter is the baker in the house and for the second year in row she made football shaped frosted sugar cookies. The recipe is the trusty recipe from Betty Crocker that I have used since I was a teenager and the home made frosting is the kind I don’t measure, have never had a recipe for, but learned from watching my mom.

super bowl #6

So what did you rustle up as an excuse to eat too much, let your kids stay up extra late, while watching over paid jocks thrown and run with a ball, this weekend?

As always…








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