FOCUS_five minute friday


A single golden thread

Illuminating just enough to distinguish itself from the rest of muted-colored weaves and tangles

The dusty blue, mauve, silver, and green create a good, solid, needed, life foundation

But this tapestry we weave

This project we fasten with our hands

It remains like so many garments and treasures

Where the moth rots and the thief breaks in to rob

if not for that whispered river of thread making its presence known by simply showing up- in all we put our hand to

all we speak


and dream

And you know what?

That golden thread- it refracts on the whole, even the ugly messey stitches, even the torn places that will never be whole on the outside

Because the the golden thread is invisibly spooled to the river of life,

pouring out of our real home,

our true kingdom

Our haven; heaven.

It is there if we would only slow down from our doing and FOCUS

The dullness falls away

Linking up this Friday with Kate for another Five Minute Friday.

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4 thoughts on “FOCUS_five minute friday

  1. Indeed Leah. Ravi Zacharias has a book called The Grand Weaver which I love. When we slow down enough, we can see each thread that’s been artfully woven together to create the grand tapestry of our lives.


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