PRESENT_five minute friday


DSCN0618I need something on the horizon.

Be it a speck of a promise,

a fragment of a goal,

an image not yet in focus.

Something to plan, shakes off my creeping blues.

Here is the thing:

This whole, “I need a plan”:

very often it leaves my mind scattered in the now.

Sometimes my PRESENT now:

my kids,

my home,

my job,

my relationship,

my church,

get mis-alligned in my mind as the thing to get through till that other, {READ: BETTER} things comes breezing through the door.

I was sitting cross-legged gazing into our orange hot wood stove fire, the house quiet as a sanctuary, my coffee cooling because I just kept staring at those living moving coals, but not really seeing them at all. What I was seeing was all those people, places, events, in my life all lined up; but lined up all wrong.

Not happy with where I am right now in the present, makes everything else as inviting as a soggy sandwich.

I know where this leads.

The downward spiral.

A vortex of frustrated depression.

I knew I needed not to simply be present but The Presence to jar the funk that was trying to settle.

Singing a line or two of the first hymn that pops in my mind,

listing down of all the gifts I have received in the last 48 hours,

and finally, and most importantly, opening up and expecting The Word of God to speak into my right now.

This is The Presence.

A shift happens.

All my problems, all my flaws, all our life situations, are not solved:

but literally,

the atmosphere changes.

Like a sudden cool breeze on a muggy August afternoon.

That is the promise of The Presence in my present.


Linking up with the lovely souls over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday.

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get brave and pen your own.

I promise it won’t hurt.




5 thoughts on “PRESENT_five minute friday

  1. Beautifully written! Such poetic images. I love this: “Not happy with where I am right now, makes everything else as inviting as a soggy sandwich.” So true.


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