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Bloggers love writing about “their” word for the New Year.
I recall, about five or four years ago now, when I first heard about how listening souls where picking a word, instead of making the same old New Year’s resolution, to set their New Year on a hopeful good path.

I have had an informal “word” for the last four years or so, not so much heralded as whispered.
I do not believe I have ever posted about it before, as I tried to quietly grapple with what it was to look like, on me.

The response I heard:

For two years.



I am a classic: type- A-truth-telling-whatever-just-deal-with-it-go-getter.

Two years.


I put quotes on the wall about gentleness.

Found scripture with the word gentle.

Had the word hunt ME out like a basset hound on a rabbit.


I was not a gentle mother.

A gentle wife.

A gentle disciple.

But I needed to be.

Then, I heard distinctly the word:


That was more like it!  Thank you Lord! That is something I can sink my teeth into!

But, hold on.

What I needed to over-come nine times out of ten:



the damning, lying words from the enemy.

It looked a lot more like  humble self-disciple than kick-butt feminism which is what I wanted.

This year I did not pursue finding “my word”.

And yet it seemed to find me.

Like a favorite sweatshirt on Saturday; it wrapped around me, and felt right.

That word was “conquer”

Yes! Can I be a kick-butt-evangelical-feminist now? Turns out no. Because immediately when the Word was given, The Holy Spirit gave a firm caveat: “Conquer with a kingdom mentality like Christ; which  will be exactly OPPOSITE of how the world expresses the meaning of the word conquer”.


Last year’s 2015 word of “over-comer” was based on my inability to put Revelations 3 out of my mind.

The funny thing is this:

If you read the Revelations in the King James Version it uses the word “over-comer” to describe the the true church.

If you read the Revelations in the English Standard Version or The Message version it interchanges the word “over-comer” with the word “conquer”. {Yes, I know we are supposed to go back to the original Greek…I have not the time, but I do have The Holy Spirit}. And so it seems, just like my two year stint of gentleness, I am on repeat with “over-comer” and “conquer”.

And so I am left to wonder:
What does “over-coming” and “conquering”, “gently”, look like exactly?

Your guess is as good as mine.

But I want to get it right.

I don’t want it to be about me.

I want it to have the look, and sound, and flavor, and aroma of Christ.

Otherwise, it is just another word, man.

he who overcomes


blog fodder

Is there a word or phrase on repeat in your mind?

Does it stick though it makes no sense?

Does it scare you though being scared seems silly?

Don’t be surprised if it is God…waiting for you.


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2 thoughts on “JUST ANOTHER WORD?_tell his story

  1. Lovely, and nice new look to your site!
    Again your posts come in like Im “beside the still waters..” Thanks for writing.
    Have you seen the greek for “we are more than over-comers” in Romans 8:37?
    Hyper-Nikao…check this: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G5245&t=KJV
    Being gentle and overcoming… makes me think of being “wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove”–seems like it doesnt match, but then again, our God is Full Spectrum. Lion and Lamb, Terribly Wonderful and Terribly Terrible…. May God help us walk as we truly are, growing more and more like Him, always fueled by His Love.
    Warm greetings,


    • Thanks for the link! You know what? For the last three years I have been trying to memorize Romans 8! Every January I start but can never get more than about 18 verses. I really am determined to do so this year. Your Greek link was very encouraging and insightful.


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