Got Naan?_mangia!mangia! monday

culinary resolution #2It’s Monday.MLK day Monday so that means kids are home and possible you are home too.

At our house the big people and little people are off work and school.

But before you get too jealous, let me tell you that we are all home, but without a fully functioning kitchen.

Throws a bit of a monkey wrench into my grand Mangia!Mangia!mondy visions of culinary glory.

Friday night was our last night with a fully operation kitchen and this is what I whipped up:

Naan Pizza

with grated fresh mozzarella

and dress it yourself toppings

Let me get this out in the open right now:

I love Aldie!

I do.

I tried Save-A-Lot in the early 2000s and hated it so much I swore off discount groceries stores for a near decade.

Then our grocery budget started to exceed our mortgage and taxes put together and something had to change {our first idea was to get our daughters to start working in the factories….pesky child labor laws!}

Aldie has converted this very much snub, albeit poor one, into a believer. With eating organic some of the time, simple whole foods most of the time, and my whole gluten intolerance thing, it was truly a Godsend.  It is not all canned preservative crap!

Anyway…the garlic Naan bread I used comes in an awesome 4 pack from Aldie, and can be thrown right into the freezer until you are ready for quick, fresh pizza night.

Fairly self-explanatory this is how we make:

Make It Yourself Naan Pizza

Supplies and ingredients :

A pizza stone {if you are in a serious pizza mood}

Large cookie sheet {if you need to feed a bunch of people quick…READ: children, tweeners and/or teenagers}

Cheese grater

Packaged Naan bread

Fresh Mozzarella cheese ball

Ricotta cheese

Marinara sauce {red sauce}

Alfredo sauce {white sauce}

favorite meat…cooked…gotta love pepperoni if you have a big crowd…pre cooked frozen chicken strips cut up and slathered in butter and hot sauce is an awesome chicken wing pizza quickie

sliced up favorite veggies

favorite seasonings

{few things taste better on this earth than fresh mozzarella, fresh garlic, & fresh basil with a dollop of ricotta plopped on top for extra fat cell reproduction}

Instructions for putting it all together:

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 450 if using a pizza stone; 375 if you are using a cookie sheet
  2. Get your lovely puffy Naan bread ovals lined up
  3. Prepare any cooked meat you fancy
  4. Slice up some favorite veggies
  5. Grate your cheese
  6. Chop up or shake out favorite seasonings
  7. Put all your toppings into little bowl and line them out buffet style
  8. Have the obligatory “red sauce” or “white sauce” option set as well
  9. Get a bunch of spoons and let everyone dress it to their fancy !
  10. Cook the pizzas for about 9-12 minutes depending on what you cook it on.  Check often; when the cheese is gooey and the edges are golden, she is probably done!


got naan

On this particle night we had a very full house.

My husband and a few of his buddies were doing some home-brewing while I made the pizzas in the dining room.

So my back round music was several conversations going at once peppered with lots of “guy” jokes.

I was sampling my husband home brew he made last year:

He calls it America’s Hat.

Made with real bacon and maple syrup, grains, hops, and love.

Sorry it is not available to purchase…yet!

Cheers and Mangia!

And as always:




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