TIME_five minute friday


“time is all we have”

“the times they are a changing”

“no man knows his time”

and my personal favorite:

“time is more like a time-y whime-y wibbly wobbly…thing” {David Tennent in Doctor Who}.

We see the times, we feel the times.

We look back and shake our heads at the speed of it.

We look around and see it slipping pass us, tugging at us like persistent wind.

We try to peer ahead into it, a gypsy with her own concocted magic ball, and try to conjure a concrete good future, but let’s face it, most of it is swirling unknown mist.

When I think of the word TIME I recall Moses at the burning bush.

Taking off his sandals at this wonder he can’t wrap his head around, but instinctively trembles at:

He wanted to name it, asked his unknown God why couldn’t he and his people have a definitive name just like everyone else’s gods.

The answer:

The Great I AM.

A kinda lousy answer for those of us who needs specifics.

But the only right answer.

Time and God dwell in the same realm:

Near as your breath, awesome in its reach, and a bit of a mystery, but good.



Linking up today over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday.

A great group of hearing, writing souls, on the best work day of the week.

Click to read lots of thoughtful, quick posts, or get brave and write your own.




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