holiday detox chicken soup{Mangia! Mangia! monday}

culinary resolution #2

Welcome to my first ever Mangia! Mangia! monday.

It is the 3rd day in 2016 and I know we are all feeling it:

Post-holiday stupification

The excess.

The rush.

Catching up, grabbing us, holding us fast in a chubby bloated clutch.

Not to mention we are all broke.

I am not a salad and diet soda girl.

I am a real but simple food girl.

So here is my holiday detox meal to jump start 2016.

Not low fat or low carb conscience per se, but real and savory and simple and fresh.

I call it:


“holiday detox chicken soup”

and it will feed your family all weekend, 

using simple fresh ingredients

and make you and those who you feed feel good



What You Will Need:

*two large pots, one stockpot sized

*a long handled sieve for straining { I use a small handheld one so it can scoop too}

* metal tongs

*a large 5 lb+ whole chicken { If you get yours frozen like I do give it two days to thaw in your refrigerator}

*lots of raw carrots

*several celery stalks

*lots of garlic cloves

*a medium onion

*a bit of olive oil

*chicken broth

*salt & pepper

*favorite comfort herb seasoning   {be it a big ole canister of all purpose Italian seasoning, or fresh thyme, rosemary, and basil; you can’t go wrong…use a heavy hand}



put your thawed whole chicken in a large stockpot…careful with the gooey raw chicken juice!


add lots of salt&pepper&herb seasonings right on the bird plus a good splash of olive oil. Then add two diced carrots, one thinly cut celery stalk, about 1/2 of your onion,  and about 4-5 minced garlic cloves

step #3

add tap water till the bird is covered and put on medium heat and covering with a lid and walk away for a couple hours

A couple hours later…

Okay, if you have never made home made chicken soup and a little hesitant doing this kind of recipe my advice is to just dive in and try…it is not rocket science but I am not a details girl so there is always youtube if this part seems hazy right?  It took me years to muster up the snuff to make home made soup from scratch because it sounded hard and tedious; it is not.

That said, I will tell you: this IS an important timing part…the chicken is done when it is doing that “falling off the bone” thing we have all heard about.

It really will, and there will be no scary pink blobby stuff visible either. Get a sharp knife and cut into a meaty part near bone to see if it looks deliciously moist not scary pink. When you are sure this magical moment has happened {about 2 to 2 1/2 hours usually} here is what you do:

step #1

Now is the tricky, possibly finger scarring part…get another large pot and using tongs and cladding your hands with kitchen mittens and fork take the chicken and bones out of the hot broth plopping them into your second pot. Now separate the meat from the bones and cartilage. Meat stays in pot, bones in garbage. The majority will indeed fall off, but some with cleave to the smaller bones and cartilage, so use a knife and your fingers {avoid 2nd degree burns on your finger!}.

It should look this this when done…FullSizeRender(3)

*important note*I always keep a few thick leg bones in with the meat on purpose because it gives you extra healthy marrow and yummy flavor. You will toss them right before serving


Once you think you have most of the meat out take your handled sieve and scoop out the bits of veggies and other possible particles out of your big broth pot. Throw these into the garbage as well {all the veggie goodness has at this point leached out into your broth which is why you are now discarding the mushy pale veggies}


separating bits from the liquid

FullSizeRender(1)If you have a long handled sieve put it across a large clean bowl then slowly and carefully pour the remainder of your broth stock into the sieve now resting on your bowl. {as pictured left}.All left over bits will keep in the sieve and all the the homemade broth goodness will steam and flow into your bowl…look at what you made; bonafide chicken stock!



Add your delicious chicken stock broth to the pile of shredded chicken goodness waiting in the other pot.


Add about 3-4 cups of chicken broth and more fresh diced carrots, another chopped celery, the other half of your onion, more garlic, salt&pepper&herb seasoning…yes this is a complete repeat…but now you have double the nutrition, one set infused in your stock, another added to your soup broth.  Since they are the exact ingredients it really is not the much extra work…or cost.  If you are a plan-a-header, chop up double amounts in the beginning.


Cook on low covered for another 45 minutes-ish.  Remember to take out those extra bones we left in on purpose right before serving…though leaving them can be kinda fun too.

Your home made soup is done!

The next part is up to you depending on your chicken soup preference and personality and those whom you are serving:

diced potatoes and parsley and half and half for the traditional hearty type?

a packaged of cooked bacon for the unabashed carnivore?

spinach/mushrooms/broccoli for the uber healthy ones without small children?

egg noodles for the ones with small children?

{because cheap carbs added to veggies and protein is how families on a budget survive}

Do it up.

We will be doing choice #4…cheap egg noodles… because we have four children.


culinary resolution #2Mangia! Mangia! monday, if you recall was about the food process

in addition to the drinks and music you listened to.

While de-boning a piping hot cooked chicken carcass I was drinking this:

FullSizeRender(2)2013 Old Vine Zinfandel in the old relilable brown Bota Box Wine container.

$22 after tax

I always associated “Zinfandel” with sweet, but this is not…very smooth and dry with more of a berry flavor than peppery.  Pinot Noir is a close taste.


And I was listening to this on Pandora:

FullSizeRenderMy new “Game of Thrones” soundtrack station I created.

Every January my husband and I  start a new TV series to binge watch. After five years of my brother telling me to watch this series, despite some of the controversy, we jumped in, and were instantly obsessed. The beautiful music score is soothing but passionate…like food itself.


Tell me what you think in the comments!

*Important for fellow bloggers* Since this is the very first Mangia! Mangia! monday use today’s post to go ahead and re-post any previous recipes you have shared. Giving a short description in the comments for others to check out.  Just link back to this post’s permalink in your post.

Remember the point of Mangia!Mangia! monday is get you to plan and think about what to slow down and enjoy cooking for the weekend coming up. So I hope you have been inspired.  That means NEXT MONDAY, THE 11TH, you can use my comment box to link back to your own Mangia! Mangia! monday posts of what YOU cooked, drank, listened to, over the weekend.  I hope that is clear…probably not.






2 thoughts on “holiday detox chicken soup{Mangia! Mangia! monday}

  1. I make homemade chicken soup kvery similar to that. I like the other options you added at the end I will have to give them at try.


  2. yes chicken soup gets a little boring, but adding extra stuff…maybe day 2 or day 3 makes it stretch and gets the kids to shut up about “having to eat this again”!


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