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I have always loved the month of January because I adore clean slates, need new ideas, and revel in challenging projects.

For 2016 I have this idea percolating and steaming up my brain like a good strong cup of Starbucks coffee:

I would adore to call it Mangia! Mangia! Monday

culinary resolution #2

The embryo of this idea started recently when I noticed I started to look forward to cooking on the weekends: A strange phenomenon after 15 years of  regarding cooking dinner as fun as scrubbing the hard water stains out of the shower.

The gist:

All those busy ladies

who use the non-working/non-school days

of Saturdays and Sundays to cook.

{This includes stay-at-home and home-schooling Mamas because I did that too and raising little people and home schooling IS going back to work but without the added perk and sanity dividend of a paycheck}.

Monday through Friday is busy, busy and food is often more task than art.

However, the weekends change things right?

For some I know, cooking is the last thing on our mind.

And that is okay. You know that too, right?

Please tell me you know it is okay!!

Because all of the comparison and guilt that heaps heavy on my sex is making me horribly ticked in that unpleasant cynical way...thank you pintrest for making us feel like we should be doing more.

Find your rest in what makes you tick, what makes you happy, because life is short and full of work and responsibility and sorrow.

Go to the mall,

read that book,

sit in the bleachers and cheer your kiddos till your voice is hoarse.

But… for those who need to:

slow down

drink something yummy

put on some good music

then chop & dice and stir & saute,  because it feels good and right then this is for you:


culinary resolution #2your




over the weekend




Every Sunday Night

I will post the following:

*what I cooked

*what I drank whilst cooking

*what I listened to whilst cooking and drinking…

over that weekend


Your job, my reader, is to add YOUR OWN recipe, drink, and playing soundtrack {or maybe just a recipe, maybe just the drink or the music} that you melted into this weekend on Monday.

Either at:




Look for the Mangia! Mangia! Monday badge

By posting at the beginning of the work/school week this will give us all something to think and plan and daydream about during the grind of the week.

{Fellow blogging sisters…add your blog link if you want}.


Life, especially for women, is made up of rhythms

There is a rhythm to work, kids, babies who get up in the night hungry and loud, helping with homework, commutes before sunrise, laundry, and box mac n cheese.  It is life-giving and good.

Remember too, there is also a rhythm that is life-giving and good to:



dipping a tired toe into the pool of what makes you, YOU.

Looking at this Mangia! Mangia! Monday thing from another angle, I must provide you with this bit of personal information:

I have always sucked at hospitality because I am my own worst enemy.

I love the idea of having people over but about 50 minutes before the guests show up I have this little irritating habit of turning into Medusa.

But this year, that has not happened.

I can not tell you why, just that it is good development, and I am thankful.

I am starting to see something holy, and good in hospitality.

I am just scratching at the goodness; but this is what I have my brain wrapped around thus far:

Jesus ate with people a lot when He walked on our Earth.

The phrase “dine” in the Bible  occurs 18 times in the Bible in 12 different translations; 4 times in the Gospels directly referring to Christ, once in Revelations {3:20} metaphorically relating to Christ inviting us in. That does not include the phrase “eat with me”, “sup with me” “broke bread” or other instances with The Messiah and food and people…but it occurs often.

Food and people and love seems to go hand in hand in God’s Story

Food and people and love seems to go hand in hand in our home’s story.

And those rag-tag believers who kept dogged believing in Jesus and His radical message after the gruesome crucifixion?

They ate together often, sharing their stuff {Acts 2}.

Use my humble Mangia! Mangia! Monday to bring out the latent hospitality servant in you. Invite your people over, even if they have to sit at a ghetto card table in mismatched yard sale chairs in a cramped kitchen.

Because no one cares!

Only you, because we have been lied to. Remember, Martha Stewart is a crook who went to jail, and most definitely would have been one of the mean girls in high school.

Or just cook for your family, be it the two of you or the eight of you.

Because the other lie of:  we just can’t handle it, so nuke it in the microwave or dial dominoes, has more to do with defeat thinking than convenience of living.

There can be pleasure in potatoes!

It is with this in mind I decided to do this whole

Mangia Mangia! Monday…thing

culinary resolution #2If your interest is peaked, your creative juices are flowing, or this feels like something good and holy for 2016, then check back here the first Sunday in 2016…that would be January 3rd my friends.

Remember:  I will post my Mangia Mangia! Monday late Sunday night, and you can go ahead and check it out and add your own recipe/drink /soundtrack on Monday in the comments. Via this website, facebook, or instagram.

Cheers & Mangia!









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