LIGHT_five minute friday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have been first-year-working-in-a-public-school sick lately.

And so last night at 2am I stumbled downstairs to the kitchen to find some Nite-Quil to chug, because I have to start actually sleeping through the night or I fear I will never be healthy again.

It is usually a treacherous, toe threatening, trek to shuffle downstairs in the middle of the night because I don’t want to turn on lights and wake my family.

But in December… things are different.

In preparation for Christmas- our domestic advent-the glow of strung lights illuminates my entire downstairs:

strung outside lights sass-shaying from the porch

multi-colored fairy lights lighten up each corner and wall in our front room

 my kitchen has soft refracting light from the Christmas tree lit up from around the corning in the living room

In my fuzzy-brained congested-faced head I noticed the helpfulness and beauty of it and then the single scripture verse of:

Even the dark is made light through Christ

scampered through.

I smiled

chugged medicated alcohol

and went back to bed

thankful for the light.

dark is light


Linking up this last FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY in 2015 with the writing gang over at Kate’s place.

Sicker than myself, she has been in hospital recently and let us each choose our own word prompt. I chose LIGHT because that really happened me this at 2am this morning.

Happy Friday

Merry Christmas





8 thoughts on “LIGHT_five minute friday

  1. Thank you so much Christina!
    Glad my little words could point you in the direction of the large hope of Christ.
    I am so glad I only work part time so I can stay in sweat pants and no bra in quiet house all morning sometimes!


  2. I know your house, so can visualize the soft lights, the beautiful comforting feeling, the peace of a quiet happy household. Praying you feel much better by today. I do remember the year I worked at school. One cold or sickness after the other. The light – beautifully conveyed.


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