Reflect_five minute friday


I look at 2015 and quite frankly I see a mess.

I see my quitting my job because I am falling apart and can’t keep it f%*#))$ together.

I see God opening up a door and letting my four daughter’s school and my new employment be in the rural school district where my husband has worked for a decade; another county away, 45 minute commute.

I see how when I decided to do the crazy 31days of writing challenge here of FMF, it fell exactly at the same time when I was in between jobs and falling apart and needed a life line, please!

Writing, along with others or course, was a pecked out life line.

When I reflect on 2015 I see us putting our house on the market, again; 3rd time,

and waiting with expectant hope in a God who  blesses-

shaken together

pressed down

running over.

When I reflect on 2015 I see a God who just shows up.


Linking up with the talented brave souls over at Kate’s place for a Five Minute Friday Link Up.  Read more by clicking on the link to be blessed and inspired OR get brave you…yes, I am talking you!…and submit your very own.

Writing real and brave is a fix that needs no withdrawal.



With Jesus it is always “OKAY”.

{Thank you writer John Greene and Hollywood and Instantgram for the inspiration of my twelve-year-old’-birthday- party. She has read Fault In Our Stars twice and watched the movie twice too.





8 thoughts on “Reflect_five minute friday

    • Yes, the whole employment thing is fairly new, and still feels strange to me. It has been an unexpected blessing and a good growing season. Extra money helps too!


  1. Hey friend! I’ve been thinking of you! I’m so sorry about the mess of life! I hope you’re doing ok and liking your new job. I hope the girls are liking their new school, and wow, you guys must have a lot of time in the car together!
    2015 has been such a quiet year for me. I hope to have words again. I think that as soon as Christmas passes, life should fall into a routine… At least I hope. I miss you! Anyway, I hope you have a good Friday night. Love you. Jacqui


    • Hey back friend!
      I read a devotion from Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift advent book, just this morning and it kept reminding me of you.
      I am going to try to see if I can find it online for free and then do a paste and copy of today’s reading and send it to you in a doc via email.
      I know you will have words again, you already have them…they are just waiting.


  2. I think it’s a testament to your faith that you can still find God in the mess. Isn’t it amazing that He sticks with us even when we’re like, “One more thing?” Hang in there and keep hacking away at the keys. Glad to connect with you, Leah. Your friend in #50. Ever grateful for your perspective:)


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