SEASONS_five minute friday


I am a NorthEast girl through and through.

Give me the ever-changing loops and swirls ups and downs of:

silent steel blue winter

delicate soft pastel spring

the glare and heat of blue and green summer

the cozy yet crisp red and orange of autumn

Its so predictable we set our wardrobe and accessories to it.

Its so unpredictable we sometime hunt out our  flip flops in the attic in March, grumble we have to put on our wool coat in April.

We have The Living Word of God so we, the easily misled sheep, can see how and when and why and where to do this this called life. But, we get awful cocky thinking we have it figured out though don’t we?

God draw nears the humble and the humble only; it’s His only requirement.

And so in His ever giving Mercy we suddenly find ourselves misjudging the weather- under dressed, overdressed. Feeling a little foolish, a lot uncomfortable.

It’s a good thing my friends.

Each season has its rich abundant blessings:

even the humid uncomfortable heat of August,

the uniform blah gray of February.

Because God does not change,  nor His affection for us, His Presence guiding us, Christ’s power and authority over the times.

Season by season.


Linking up over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday.

Click to read or get brave and add your own.




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