Our pilgrim ancestors gave thanks despite half of those who boarded the Mayflower, full of hope for a better life, perished the first cruel winter.

Ann Voskamp in her published work One Thousand Gifts wrote her journey towards a life of gratitude was:

A dare to an emptier, fuller life.


Eucharisteo, thanksgiving, envelopes the Greek word for grace, charis. But it also holds its derivative, the Greek word chara, meaning joy.

I have been listing thanks in the form of numbering those things right in front of me that are gifts to me from the Father for three years now.  I will sometimes go weeks without scribbling a thing down.

I used to feel a twinge of guilt over this, but not anymore.

I don’t list to fill a God-derived function, but because it improves my sense of well being.

No seriously. I am not giving you a fluffy Christian snow job.

When it has been some weeks I noticed I am not handling the pressures of life, that are as unavoidable as dirty floors and whiny children, with very much grace.  I wake up early and I let myself reflect on the last few days or weeks and BAM, there it is.

So very, very much.

I write.

My mood elevates.

Praising God happens naturally in the flow.

So here is my list of Eucharisteo this Thanksgiving morning 2015:

#2075…my cranberry cherry orange sauce recipe I make every year in the morning while Tim makes his pumpkin roll

#2076…using canned gourmet figs when I realized I forgot the cherries. I bought this at TJ Maxx two years because I was convinced I was going to make home made fig newtons… but never did.





#2077…my oldest girl playing the Sugar Plum Fairy and a Jazzy version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen while we cooked in the other room

#2078…my two little ones announcing to me that “we want to go jogging before the Thanksgiving meal so we can loose a pound”  then adding a minute later “maybe if we loose a pound we can eat another pound at Gramma’s”

#2079…glittery pumpkins and  a fat pumpkin-colored kitty

#2080…funny Thanksgiving texts to friends with thinly veiled joke about family and drinking wine

Happy Thanksgiving







3 thoughts on “Eucharisteo

  1. There is something about the listing of gifts. It’s made my year so much richer. Focusing on the good stuff. Even being thankful for the not so good stuff. God has changed my heart through the listing of gifts. 🦃


  2. I love Eucharisteo too! I have the Red Letter Words pic of this word on our entry way from garage to home hallway. I read her book in 2010, and I have been ever changed too. Still counting! That is how my blog started. I like your circle photos? How did you do that? If you don’t mind sharing the blog secrets! Jenn


    • I am glad you enjoyed the post Jennifer! And no blog secrets trust me…just stumbling on stuff by accident. WordPress just did a lot of updates to its formats and one of them is if you click on multiple pics to insert into your post there is a continue button I think and from there you can choose format layouts for your photos. And I have a free template too. Hope that helps!


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