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The Lord is my Shepherd… He leadeth me… I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever :

The start and finish of the Psalm that every Christian knows by heart.

Man oh man, there are buckets and buckets of angry, emotional static pouring over us all in the media right now.

Facebook opinions flying like shrapnel.

CNN video clips of Paris in rubble.

Grainy ISIS terror home videos going viral.

Every morning I wake to my email inbox chuck full of new pleas from Christian groups expounding on how terrible the times are, pleading that I give, network, and pray some more?

I find myself on unpopular grounds with mainstream Christians with my take on Syrian refugees.

But that is just it, isn’t it?… MY TAKE.

My take, or anyone’s take, be it world leader, your favorite Republican candidate, your Pastor, has a valid voice, but it is NOT the VOICE.

The peculiar People of the way,

the spared Ones,

the beautified Bride,

we are not to find our reason and judgement, our facebook likes or our financial giving, based on the manipulation of media sound bites.

Because that is what it is:


A.W. Tozer wrote: “We are never instructed to fear Satan’s wisdom or power, but his wiles and manipulation.” 

It is a forgone conclusion he is smarter and stronger than us, on our own. Very often, he takes advantage of us by getting us confused with strong emotions.


I have heard several people say, people I know spend serious time with Jesus, “there is a dulling of our minds” And they are referring to the church.

Have you ever been around a sheep?

They are really, really, dumb.

Have you ever wondered why Jesus refers to His people as sheep so often?
{I’m not gonna spell it out for you}.

But here’s the good news:

The Shepherd leads me despite the evil around, my easily distracted mind within, and one day I will dwell with Him forever.

Till we all reach forever, let us be people who dwell in His presence.

The rush of the holidays are coming up. The season of rush. Consider fasting from the media outlets you find are tucking a tight ball right inside your chest bone. Seriously, take stock of how much time you spend slack jaw in front of a flickering screen.

Are you heartbroken enough, do you fear God enough, to exchange that for times of deliberate prayer?

Start with His Word.

Read Psalms 23 like you never heard it before.

It is after all, supposed to be what us simple sheep do anyway.

We can dwell with Him now! Amazing! Because of the gift of The Holy Spirit. Grab a hold with both hands this gift, it is a privilege, so when look upon Him face to face we will not be ashamed or turned away.

the fear of the Lord


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5 thoughts on “Dwell_five minute friday

  1. I agree. It is a swirl of activities, voices and opinions all around us. How important it is to dwell and abide in the Presence of the One who matters most! Thanks for these encouraging words! (stopping by from FMF ~ your neighbor, Rachel)


  2. Leah, I clicked over here from Patti’s post. I feel to the innermost part of my soul what you replied to her post on the refugee situation. My husband (I think) shares your husband’s opinion on the issue. I am somewhere in-between. It is the conundrum of faith that keeps me awake at night. Your comment so resonated with me because I think all the same things every single day of my life. I cannot stand in my yard with the “we welcome refugees” yet….O God we must pray for discernment and wisdom like we’ve never prayed before. Help us O Lord. I am at FMF today, #43 but we aren’t neighbors. Glad to find your corner of the Interweb.


    • I can’t believe it! I just commented on your FMF post. I guess we were supposed to connect. So glad these words found a mark in your inner man. Prayer is the only answer.


  3. Prayer…really is the answer. Social media is not the place to be with all the stuff being tossed to and fro. It makes me so sad. “Perfect love casts out fear!” Visiting from FMF where I’m parked in the #13 spot.


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