New Look. New Season.


So my 31days of writing for the month of October 2015 has come to an end.

I think I missed only 3 or 4 days.

Being unemployed and all the kids in school all day, was a huge help to achieve this, as you might imagine.  Then, like a switch of a light, I suddenly found myself working full time.  Substituting for a 3rd/4th grade special ed. teacher who had emergency surgery.  From 7am until 4:45pm this lady is in heels and turns into a machine: straight, direct, lists whirling, clock watching, task doing.

It’s odd. After spending hours writing in silence; my days ebbing at a leisurely pace of moving about quiet home on a slow current of house tasks, jogging, praying, reading.

I don’t even know if I will be needed after next week.  I may go back to the sporadic calls in the morning.

Hungry for something creative do after seven hours of worksheets at a drill-sergeant-like regiment and 90 minutes of commuting, I updated the look and layout of my blog. I am hoping to be working often, but not full-time. I am amazed at mothers  who work 40hours a week. This captain needs to have her hand at the helm of the domestic ship half the time, and scurrying about working the other.  Life rarely works out so perfect, I know.

However, I feel confident that since The Lord so created me, therefore, “The Father who gives good gifts” will know how to disperse my time and tasks to be a blessing for myself and my family.

So, I hope to be able to catch up laundry, make meals, have a few still morning of prayer and take pictures. Compose some shortened more poetic posts here?

I mentioned in a previous post that upon working more hours my standards of nutrition went a notch downward-instantly. So did our frugality.  HoweverI am trying to fight the good fight and stay vigilant.

I am so thankful that my secular work is working with children who need a firm but gentle touch.  God places a special value on little children, more so the needy ones and so by proxy a special ability is given to those who work among them.  However, it is still a tangible task orientated endeavor.

The spiritual is the exact opposite:

Intangible effort of seemingly doing nothing of great consequence.

This rushing and going and doing because of another obligation muffles the quiet still voice of heaven. For the regenerated soul it is never completely silenced. It can be buffered.  Busyness buffers.  Just as being deliberate about nutrition is harder, but pivotal for the welfare of self and my family, so being deliberate to be among “those who have ears to hear” from heaven is more difficult but of great importance.

Something about creativity is connected to the Spiritual.

So, to keep this little speck on bloglandia going I am going to funnel my limited time into more photography and poetic posts.

It reminds me of that quote I once heard:

” I don’t know how to define poetry, I just know people are dying without it”.

resist the blending in, baby



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