October 29th: Sea {LIKE A TREE_31days of writing}


It has been three days of back to back work and the home feels tempest tossed.

The normal predictable rhythm of wave after wave upon my home is replaced by the choppy waters of all of us suddenly descending on it, like a hurricane, at 5pm.

Once again, I am amazed at how exhausted I am.

Once again, I am amazed how women do this 40 hours a week, week after week, year after year.

I’ve always known I am built to keep the home ship steady, as she cuts across the sea of days and schedules and food and laundry and kids.  But we do not live in a perfect world do we? So this week and all next, I will be working full time. I am a substitute teaching for a 3rd grade special ed. teacher who needed sudden surgery.

I find myself getting groceries at 6pm with a fuzzy tired brain.

I find myself, since I am pressed for time, yet with more cash in our budget, not eating as healthy and thrifty.  This was instant. The switch in my brain took me by surprise, but not by complete surprise. Because while I don’t want to live there, us women, try as we may, are not superheroes.

We cannot do it all.

I want to make healthy, simple, natural, homemade meals. But our 21st century American society is very much geared towards two incomes.  Also, more than just narrow mercenary pursuits, spending my hours and mental faculties away from the rigors of home, or filling the hours for myself, since we opted for public school education, has created another layer in me.  A good layer. Not a layer that defines me. Not a layer that is static and resolute. But a layer. As “a new creature in Christ”, we can rest easy and optimistic that every season, every day, every event, every person and thing that crosses my little ole’ path is part of the grand blue prints of heaven.

Do you follow the Shepherds’s voice?

Rest assured, The shepherd leads to good pastures.

I have read that the tallest mountains on earth are found in the depths of the sea. They rise up so very, very far below, man’s eyes does not perceive it.  But God’s does. The Father has always reveled in the obscure, and undetected.

An uncertified substitute teacher for special needs kids is not very glamorous. I am an expensive babysitter, for the least.   By the end of next week I may not ever see them again. But right now, for those kids, I am such an important anchor. I am serving their unwell teacher by taking care of them, to the very best of my ability.

God sees and knows.

And I see the messy house, the hurried meals, the lack of quiet still hours and times of uninterrupted prayer.  But He has brought it into our lives, and it is good.

So, I make them drink their green tea for breakfast, pack whole grain lunches three times a week, and steam the broccoli for dinner. Then we order pizza and get extra box wine.

I teach the kids in my class how look at math problems in a tangible real number way, make them finish their crossword puzzle, get them comfy and cozy for read aloud time, and pray silent for the angry ones.

It is tempest tossed.

But His disciples stood opened-mouthed and astounded declaring:

“who is this that even the winds and waves obey Him?”

A tree can look scrawny, puny, bent over by the wind at times. But if its roots are anchored deep, in good soil, it will stay. It will bear fruit.

There is no anchor like the assurance of heaven. There is no good fruit like a simple, dependent, believer.

Take courage in the tempest in your life.

Follow the Shepherd through quiet listening prayer and slow, expectant reading of the Word.





31days of writing series.

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One thought on “October 29th: Sea {LIKE A TREE_31days of writing}

  1. I so needed this. My life is tempest tossed. Every. Single. Day. I am a wife and mother, and I teach third grade, full time. I feel like I’m drowning. Your words remind me to take courage, even in the tempest, and to follow my shepherd. Thank you.

    Thank you, too, for caring for that class as their teacher is healing. You are a blessing to them. 🙂


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