October 27th:Perhaps {LIKE A TREE_31days writing series}



Such a proper, almost British-sounding word choice.

Like: “Perhaps we could take a stroll in the garden Mumsie”.

Perhaps I read and watch too many British books and television shows/movies?

It is amazing; the power of words.

What is the proverb about an apt word being like choice fruit?

As a child and young person I was a very quiet observer.  I still am a people watcher. I learned that people are easily fooled.  Dressing a certain way, using types of pattern of speech, referencing this or that, and people will automatically assume a whole lot about you.

It is a great advantage really.  I could of been great at sales if I cared about self monetary gain. I used this acquired trick not to get from others but to make myself accepted with whomever I was suddenly face to face with.  Not because I am especially smart, but because I pay attention and can peg people.  This sounds really mean minded I know.  I have been guilty of snap judgements about people, incorrect judgements. However, as I said, my little trick was not to take advantage, like some social used car salesman, but to make me feel more comfortable. Get a sure footing, so not to falter and embarrass myself.

Getting older is a great thing.

Experience heaps on confidence.

I discovered most people are actually just as insecure.

I discovered that no one spends as much time thinking about me, as I spend thinking about myself.

This is pretty humbling.

Humility always creates space for the Holy Spirit to start to teach you something.

What He taught me, slowly, like sloughing off layer after layer of dry skin off the eyes and ears of my heart, was this:

This little knack of being able to read people, to be able to assimilate into their world as if were, can be used not to make yourself feel better, but to put others at ease. The gift of empathy is close to the heart of Christ. Much more than finding your stride in a conversation, but getting a glimpse into their world, their needs, their hurts. 

When you get yourself out of the equation you allow Christ on the inside to start to stride forth on your outside existence.

It is what John the Baptist meant, I believe, when he said:

“I must decrease, so He can increase”.

Attentive listening, will allow that apt word to be spoken.  It usually is nothing profound or deep. Letting yourself see people simply as people, not just as a type or a demographic is the only way to love people the way Christ does.

I still hate small talk, but have learned to fake it.

But once the verbal exchange is over The Spirit almost always quickens me by giving me insight into a need in their lives and to pray for them.  This has happened often with people I don’t really know,

Because the reality is, we don’t know what is truly going on with people. All our powers of observation or education on human behavior scratches only the surface of the complexity of the human mind, soul, and spirit.

But Christ knows.

And all Christ does is make men and women and children whole.

It really is an awesome privilege be a tiny little cog in the grand blue prints of heaven of making broken, hurting people whole.  Rarely are we granted to see the full completion.

But the power to really listen and see and speak that apt word, then pray, is perhaps, one the most unsung abilities we have if we are in Christ and being led by his Spirit.




31days writing series.

Daily prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read my series from the beginning.


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