October 26th: Whisper {LIKE A TREE_31days of writing}

whisper #2They are terrible at whispering.

They think I can’t hear, but of course I can.

My children, like all children, constantly try to get away with stuff. Nine times out of ten it is food related.  The other ten percent usually something they broke or sister they have maimed/injured.  Sometimes I let them think they are getting away with something. Sometimes I jump out like the boogie man crying “Ah ha!”. Sometimes I will nonchalantly stroll by, pretending to be busy with this or that and then drop the chestnut on them that they are busted.

It always amazes them.  “How did you know”?!

“I’m Mom. Therefore awesome”.

Almost omnipresent;

that’s me.

Becoming a parent, is without a doubt, the most eye opening experience anyone can have. Eye opening in several ways, but I think it brings the most clarity in one very unexpected way: It allows me to see how God sees me.

I am the errant child, always trying to get my way.

I am the selfish creature, infatuated with my own bubble.

I put everything through a sieve of self.

And of course, I am really smart and have it all figured out, thank you very much, I’ll give a holler when I need something. And by the way, when I do, ya better come fast, or there will be a fit.

Our new Pastor preached on Jonah yesterday.

The “cranky”and “dumb” prophet who thought he could run away from God.

Actually Jonah was not dumb. Jonah just had a very ridged idea in his own mind of who was on the “in” with God and who was not.  He, like all children, had an image or idea fixed in his mind, and did not like his contained bubble popped.  In Jonah’s case it was giving mercy to enemies.

On the outer, I do all right Christian things, and easily get lulled into my own hand-fashioned image of awesomeness.

But omnipresent God sees me whispering in the kitchen when no one else is around.  God extends much more mercy to me than I do towards my children.  Probably because I need more.  The closer I grow to Christ, I do not become more moral, I become more aware of His mercy.  This produces a natural guttural longing  for holiness.

Whispering grumbles and short-sighted faith I am trying to root out. I see that as just as damning as obvious moral sin, because those start in the heart.

Jesus did not trust man’s heart; “He knew what was in it”

but cried out “Father forgive them they know not what they do”, anyway,

Amazing mercy and grace.





31day writing challenge.

Daily prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read my series from the beginning.


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