October 23rd: Joy {LIKE A TREE_31days writing challenge}

JOYOn Tuesday I texted my husband the following:

” Hey,I found myself saying something I have not uttered since the ’90s…I’m bored!”

I happened to be along side the river; just finishing my new jogging route. I am bored because I quit my job to get some rest and healing, then started another job, but that job has not really panned out as we envisioned.

So I am waiting.

Waiting is boring.

Waiting is making life harder.

We need the cash.

Tim could used some reinforcements with our four children.

He takes them to school everyday and works at their school.  My new job is a substitute teacher at their school. A family affair we are so over joyed The Lord brought our way.

This school is a 45 minute drive away.

We want to move out there, but nothing has materialized.

I want to work there, but have only been called in to work one time now.

And it feels to me that all of heaven is peering down on us, little but precious speck that we are, and is holding its breath asking:

Can you keep your joy?

But how do we do this?

We know we are not suffering, so we feel guilty complaining, but none the less, it is not comfortable, definitely not convenient, absolutely not monetarily  profitable.


The Spirit is poising this question:

Do you believe the act of praise will create a space in the inner man for joy, when the outer man is only experience frustration, annoyance, uncomfortable inconvenience?

“We bring the sacrifice of praise into the house of the Lord” so the song goes.

believing in FAITH  that…

 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.

Our lives are not out own.

So we are expected to produce fruit that does not come naturally on our own.

I recognize My salvation was supernatural and unmerited. Likewise, I have expectant hope my walking out of sanctification will be supernatural and nothing to do with my effort or understanding, but a simple obedient response in faith.

And the fruit of the Spirit is JOY.


joy with text

Linking up this Friday morning over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday. For the first time I am participating in the October long 31 days of writing.  Having never had this much freedom in my days, since, as I wrote above, the 90s!, and probably won’t again for another couple decades, has been interesting and surprising. I am constantly surprised at what God can communicate in the Selah space of pausing, resting, and waiting.

I encourage any reader to doggedly, purposely carve out even five minutes of quiet waiting and listening. Then: Write. Read. Pray. Go. Whatever you hear.




31days of writing challenge

Daily prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read my series from the beginning.


4 thoughts on “October 23rd: Joy {LIKE A TREE_31days writing challenge}

  1. Yes, this is the difficulty… producing fruit that is not natural to us! What a growing process that I am still in! Thanks for writing this reminder! This is something I will carry with me today! Thank you!


  2. I didn’t realize you were in this time of waiting, Leah! It sounds exciting to me, but I can understand your frustration, also. May the Lord pour into you all you can possibly handle during this ‘boredom’ and give your family peace and joy. And a chance to move – the whole family at one school sounds lovely!


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