October 16th: Green {like a tree_31days of writing challenge}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe word green conjures up so many images for me.

“She’s green”  could imply a real newbie. This Monday I start my substitute teacher job at the school where my husband works and my children attend. I feel green never working at a school before. I have only been to their school a few times because it is so far away. I never have had a job where I can wear two inch heels and get “snow days” before.

“She’s green” of course evokes the whole organic real food, eco-friendly products that I am so happy to see become a part of mainstream America.  More than another thing that corporate America can sell frantic, overwhelmed by too many choices, consumers, going green has meant a more purposeful, conscious, slowler lifestyle. Getting my groceries at about four different stores is not convienent. I find myself constantly dueling the two-headed monster of frugality vs healthy. For instance the small 100 carolie pack snacks of all natural “pirate booty” chips are more healthy because it will keep my kids from eating an entire bag, but cost more. Then, after years of wanting to experiment I started to make my own hair care products! {I know it is exciting} The final oh-no-she’s-gone- hippy-plunge resulted from the fact that even right after I showered with good shampoo my hair still feels heavy and not clean. After reading a few websites and making of lists of ingredients I discovered it was cheaper to buy the all natural organic shampoo at the store then to make my own. However, I easily made my own hair conditioner, make up remover, and once a month build up remover shampoo with basic kitchen ingredients. Green is not easy, or a one fit plan for everyone. It’s been years of our family making slow changes. Loving to eat food and liking old-fashioned traditions has helped us embrace being green. So has having children old enough to dress and feed themselves, because it takes times.

“She’s green”   I think of the image from Psalms 52:8

But I am like a green olive tree
    in the house of God.
I trust in the steadfast love of God
    forever and ever.

An olive tree in the middle of church?

Gentiles are the wild olive branch grafted in. We were not promised the linage but we have obtained it through faith none the less. As out of place as a tree in the middle of church, but unmistakably full of life, bearing the fruit that brings forth good oil, full of flavor.

She’s green.




31days of writing challenge.

Daily prompts given by the folks over at Five Minute Friday.

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6 thoughts on “October 16th: Green {like a tree_31days of writing challenge}

  1. Substitute teacher!? What will you be teaching? Will pray for you to be a strong olive tree to your students so when they climb all over you, you won’t fall down! 😉


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