October 15th: Laugh {like a tree_31days of writing challenge}

Why do the nations rage,
And the people plot a vain thing?

He who sits in the heavens shall laugh;
The Lord shall hold them in derision.       ~Psalms 2:1&4

My household goes from absolute chaos and noise to absolute silence and peace every morning, right around 7am. My husband takes the brood of girls away with him to school. Takes the chatter, the interruptions, the fights, the sarcastic comments, the whining, and the flurry of stuff. Before the ship sails down the driveway I have been saying a prayer over them. I always following them out of the car anyhow, with mother reminders and with dropped or forgotten school litter in my hands. Four girls and a 6ft 4in husband in a Honda Civic is a full capacity fit. Tim already looks tired and a bit nervous.

A parting blessing is the least I can do.

A parting prayer asking that in the small unused spaces between bodies and backpacks that the Sholom peace of God may settle in the cracks.

From that first morning I found myself asking Him to help us to see the big picture. Surprisingly, my lips formed the strange phrase: “let us have Your humor”.

I have never thought of God as humorous.

Scriptures such as I typed above make me uncomfortable because it immediately puts in my mind a type of angry-lightening-bolt-hurling-zues-like-god. Not Abba Father, not the The Good Shepherd. So do we pick and choose which scriptures are to our fancy like a theological buffet? I think the answer is to see the whole picture. The entire feast laid out. Get an understanding for language.

Just as I can use the strong, emotional, image-invoking word of:


-to relate my feelings for my husband

-to relate my feelings for fresh sheets.

Same word. Very different implications.

Take the word laugh:

Bust out belly laughs over our favorite British TV show, IT Crowd


the slight smile and slow head shaking laugh at our daughter’s spilling the milk everywhere. Again.  Because if we don’t laugh we will start to yell.

The latter laugh is all about choosing to see the big picture.

Whose eye is so large to behold all of mankind from the dawn of time to the final end of the ages? God sees not just the big picture but the limitless picture. And so He can laugh in that bitter-sweet head shaking way I believe.

We here tethered below know too well that there is a lot more going on upon this planet than spilled milk. And so He is also close and acquainted with our sorrow, His Son being a man of Sorrows.

Ask anyone who has been through deep pain, illogical suffering, and they most likely will tell you that the ability to laugh again is what gave them hope.

Big picture laugh.

It reminds me of the photos I took this morning while my tea was steeping.

DSCN0336A heavy dense fog

still floated around thick

despite the sun being up.

It created a kind of ethereal yellow haze.

Then, just like that,

the sun burst through

DSCN0339to make long slanted pockets

of gold.

The fog misted around it.

It did not go away.

It was dispersed by something stronger.DSCN0332

By something we need.

Something good.




31days of writing challenge.

Daily prompts given by the folks at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read my series from the beginning.


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