October 14th: fly {like a tree_31days writing challenge}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love October for several reasons.

Being an upstate  New Yorker the view out my window is Norman Rockwell picturesque for a few weeks this time of year. Living so near to the finger lakes “wine country” means literally thousands of tourists come to our area and spend to see what I see every day.

Foliage at its highest peak dampers my OCD tidiness.

The colorful confetti flies and lands everywhere.

Damp, speckled and intrusive.

It’s a happy mess.

The only time a year I can put the words happy & mess together!

I wonder, what would it be like if I could always just “let it fly”

Would I be more relaxed?

Would the state health department have to get involved?

Over the years I have tried to find the elusive middle ground.

My girls only make their beds and put away the constant hampers of clean laundry on Saturdays and Tuesdays.  I have to let messy rooms and and wrinkled clothes just fly.

I had to accept some less than perfect house things when I went back to work. Interestingly enough, it was working the closing shift at Target for a year that showed me how to really systematically tidy and spiff up. I sucked big time at methodically folding women’s Mossimo  cardigans or toddler Carter leggings, and was called out on it. I “bopped around constantly” and so even after a few hours of folding no one could tell where I had tidied up.

That was totally embarrassing.

I realized I kept house much like the Fall leaves, scattered in circles. I try to apply my Target “zone” retail method for tidiness to my home. By being deliberate, and most of all sticking to one thing at a time, with  hard time lines, as in: “I am only going to work on cleaning out the kitchen cupboards till noon, then I have to start lunch” kept me from getting too distracted. Because you know when you start to tackle one scary monster, its little babies pop out and soon you are trying to kill a whole family of clutter. It is surprising, how when one or two jobs are done really well, then those other things not yet tackled don’t bother you so much.

Then, just maybe, I can relax a little and let it fly; there is always tomorrow.

Because to mis-quote Joe Fox in You’ve Got Mail:

It would be a shame to miss New York in the Fall.




31days of writing challenge.

Daily prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to start my series from the beginning.


3 thoughts on “October 14th: fly {like a tree_31days writing challenge}

  1. thans for this Leah, I love it.
    I am so needing to learn how to let stuff “fly.” How much more peace and contentment I would have as the wonderful mess of life with little ones happens around me..
    Speaking this out Im convicted by God through His Son Paul: ” I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content:” the butt-kicking preceeding verse(s) to “I can do all things in Christ..”
    May we all enjoy the ebb and flow of mess and seasons and life.
    And girl, I bet your folding technique rocks.
    Love from Holland, thanks again for writing, always refreshed here,


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