October 13th: patience{like a tree_31days writing}

old hatI like my mugs simple and pretty, preferable slim English bone china. But once in awhile, usually at TJMaxx, I fall for those chunky ceramic ones with funny sayings printed on them. with enough caffeine I could rule the world” is one of my favorites.

Looking and thinking about today’s word prompt: patience, I thought “with enough patience I could rule this house”. Rule it in a the way we are meant to rule: with gentle authority.

This Tuesday morning is on the heels of a long 4-day weekend. I love long weekends, especially now that I don’t work retail because it means now I too get to enjoy them.

The girls have been back to school for about five weeks now, and I home, doing the “desperate housewife” thing for about four weeks.  I see how quickly one can get accustom to everything being just so in her life. The quiet, the freedom, the tidiness, the starting of a task and finishing it without interruption. I am sure I do not have to tell you that none of that happened Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday. Of course it is okay, I expected it. My patience was wearing as thin as dollar store socks come Monday morning, however. I am not nice when I lose my patience. This world is so arranged that whatever face you put on, you get back.

Mother guilt is crippling. And grace and wisdom are phenomenal, supernatural gifts. Because human folly and flesh response has attached itself to us and won’t let go, not completely.

A few weeks ago, I was confessing my own Saint Paul anguish of:For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate”.

and a wise dear friend shared another Saint Paul revelation: “but we hold this glory of Christ in earthen vessels” We are jars of clay.

Your own maddening, heavy laden guilt “thing” you carry in this earthen vessel can be any number of things. Each child is a magician at making it suddenly appear in his mother. Many times a day.

So what are we to do?

We keep messing up when stress is thick.

We feel guilty about it.

We seek grace to feel released, and give it to make amends.

We seek wisdom so next time will be different.


Patience. Patience is what is required. Applied over and over like a salve on sun scorched, cracked skin. Patience to learn how to receive and then give grace. Patience to learn slowly the better path, not perfect. Patience in a difficult season that simply is. Read the gospels slowly and you will notice how often it states “But Jesus moved to compassion…” When I think of “moved to compassion”, I think of a slow turning away of what was originally planned or even genuinely needed, for a more urgent plan, a more pressing need. And yes that heavy sigh as we slowly pivot, is okay. I bet Jesus sighed a lot. That is the mark of a patient man. Not an easily manipulated push over.

Patience rules with gentle authority. We can only start to walk that out when we are stunned to bowing humility at the knowledge that The Authority of the universe has been so gentle and patient with us.

The fruit of the Spirit is…patience. And it is a slow, but richly flowing over with juice, one.




31day writing challenge series.

Prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to start this series at the beginning.


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