October 10th: READY {like a tree_31days writing challenge}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOur family is going to a wedding this afternoon.

There is so much to get ready for when you are planning a wedding. Much of it very superficial we know. But we give those smiling beautiful brides to-be grace anyway because we remember being there once too. Every generation expresses this whole “get married” business different.

I am really looking forward to going because I love weddings. I love the solemn reverence of the marriage ceremony itself.  I love free good food, cake, champagne, and dancing with my husband too. I woke up thinking about the mother of the bride this morning who happens to be my Aunt. She was more like an older cousin growing up, so close in age we were.  She was best friends with my older sisters.  My own daughters are getting older, two teenagers now, and so I am putting myself in her place.

A marked passing of time. That is what today is. All the wedding stress and wardrobe pressures and price tags so large we choke on them, has been tackled. Now is the day.

No longer just a daughter, but now a wife, herself.

I can’t imagine.

All the flowers and dresses and hair and food are ready. Now it starts. Now starts something deep that we can do nothing about with our own hands: The Marriage Covenant.

And just like the Covenant of Christ, we do not do anything but receive that covering; we responded to a choice. Then we followed with our lives. God gets us ready, Christ brings the covering, and The Spirit keeps us in the ready.

The spiritual walk in Christ and relational walk of marriage are very similar. Deep roots being set in a very real set time and place. Supernatural and beautiful and powerful. For one purpose: to stand whole and complete.

Your marriage day and salvation day are very similar. It is a covenant day. It’s marked and engraved on a physical calendar, and in our hearts. And the only last minute to-do item to check off is a question:

Are you ready to see what God will do, as He bears fruits in us? Season after season.



31 DAYSLIKE A TREE: 31days writing series.

Daily prompts given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read this series from the beginning.


3 thoughts on “October 10th: READY {like a tree_31days writing challenge}

  1. Thanks for sharing this. You know, I don’t know if I can say I have a “salvation date”–but I have some major milestones in faith…it’s like I think I get it, and then years later God shows something new and I feel like I totally missed Him. And then some more years later I think, oh my goodness, is this You? Is this Your Heart? I’m so sorry! I recently had another Saul on the Road to Damascus moment. Bam. But I take comfort in knowing that while my brain is so scattered, my King sees my heart and as surely as I’m covered in blood under this skin, totally unseen, but totally there, I’ve got His Covering over me too.
    Love to you, hope you have a blast at the wedding!


  2. The metaphor of marriage is an apt one for working out of our salvation, yes? We are his bride and we deepen in the relationship through commitment, trust, conversation; extending and receiving forgiveness. Lovely to visit you here!


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