October 9th: TRUST {like a tree_ 31days writing challenge}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe still small voice. You have to trust it.

We need to know what is the “big stuff”. What is he or she really saying to me right now?

The necessity of stillness, not constantly doing and incessantly going, brings calmness and sanity into your own world. Because the world is panicked and gone crazy. Stillness brings clarity and purpose, ironically while doing nothing, when life seems pointless, boring.

As of right now I am not working, and my family is gone from 7am till 5pm each school day. Lots of silence. For the first three weeks it paralyzed me because I was so fixated on getting a hold of the right still small voice so I could feel better. Since then lots of shifts have transpired. Good paths opened in very unexpected ways. This is the first week I can think with clarity in quite the while. This discipline of writing everyday, following prompts not thought up by myself, has been a big part of it. This not planning what I am going to write, sometimes not even liking the words prompts, but letting fingers peck at keys with letters anyway, as words float to my mind, is another process of listening to the still small voice in trust.

But we can’t always get that stillness. The seasons of our life change.  Stillness is to be fought for, doggedly carved out in our days, but good intentions and single-minded focus, do not guarantee we get it.

I think that is when we trust what is going on right now. Those loud interruptions, that situation you desire so badly to just get through and be done with forever. People who drain. Even heartache that leaves you raw and bleeding and curled up on the floor utterly alone.

Trust the now.

Trust there is no good plan/ bad plan.

Good people/bad people.

Good season/bad season.

We have to fight to believe one thing:

There is only a good God and an evil Enemy.

If you belong in the family of God, He has good for you right now: this situation with these people, even in this pain. If you are not, or have no idea what “belong to the family of God” evem means, know He is desperately seeking you to bring you to Himself, not a religious sub-culture.

The thing is: Satan shoots his arrows and they will find their mark {seems so unfair and not good doesn’t it?} but trust God who is still in control. Still has good for you.

We don’t understand it.

We may not even have the time to spend those long quiet hours trying to hear from Him.  That is okay.

Look where your feet take you today.

Observe what your hands touch today.

Look fully in the face and listen to who you will speak to today.

Trust that.

The still small voice Who know and sees all is speaking just as clearly in those, as in times of prayer, silence and scriptures.

In summery: prayer, silence, Scriptures are not the “smoking gun” answer to fix you or improve your life. Prayer, silence, Scripture are the everyday conduit that allows you to catch the faint whisper, glimpse the flash of refined gold, begin to understand the unfolding bigger picture. Then you simply step out into your ordinary, practical, unflashy life in trust.

You are rooted in your life now, like a tree, drinking from the Spirit, who is like a river, with the swirly seasons upon you day after day, year after year.



31 DAYSLIKE A TREE: 31days of writing challenge.

Daily word prompts given by the gang at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read this series from the beginning.


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