October 8th: PURPLE {like a tree 31days of writing}


“what I see”

cheery yellow

vibrant red

mellow orange

stubborn “i’m staying green”

brown’s “i finally can rest”

the colors of the trees

but no purple

sunrise comes up pink

morning is blue

afternoon a glare of green

sunset spectacular shades of orange

twilight is inky plum {not quite purple}

evening is soft charcoal fading to black

the circuit colors of the day

but no purple

purple is royal; set apart

purple not often to be glimped

oxygen rich blood red with oxygen deprived blue blood making something new

we are called royal

we carry the line of david

we can’t see it

sometimes we just catch a glimpse of it on Him

we touch our forelock and curtsy showing respect where respect is due

stunned the king in his purple cloak descends down

calls us friends servants no more

and puts his purple cloak on us



31 DAYSLike A Tree:

31 days of writing in the month of October

Each daily word prompt given by the gang over at Five Minute Friday

Click here to start this series from the beginning.


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