October 7th: Love {31days writing challenge}

31 DAYSWhen I find myself talking with someone about faith; this whole Christianity thing as a sub-culture and this whole Jesus thing as Man and God, I usually just recommend they read the Gospel of John. I do not have all the answers. I want to. When I try my brain gets fuzzy, I get irritated, and need a nap. I recommend the Gospel of John because to me it the most beautiful, the most intimate.

The heart of Christ that beats to restore men and women.

For the Love.

I have to be honest, when I read today’s word prompt: Love, I wrinkled my nose a bit. Love. It seems like one of those generic cover-alls. You would be hard pressed to turn on the radio to a top hits station and listen to three consecutive songs and not hear at least one of them rock out to “love”. The same could be said for box office movies, best sellers, popular sitcoms.

Why does “love” always sell?

A good marketer knows you first have to create a need. Corporations keep us buying by creating a perceived need.  Take a serious, critical, listen to the ads you hear. Really observe what all those pop up ads online are pushing. They placate a human need: to get to feel better. This is not good or bad. It simply is.

All these Christian conferences,that the American Church spends millions on every year, with big name speakers and Dove award artists, do the exact same thing:

“Make your faith deeper”

“Get the information you need to improve your life”

“Make certain your kids won’t fall, your marriages won’t fail, because it is a scary, evil world out there”.

Come and buy. They are creating the perception of a need. You need our help so you can be a better Christian.

And in my minds eye I just see the lonely, shabby, carpenter, asking the “needy” crowds can you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood?  We initially recoil because who wants that, who needs that?

No one eats flesh and drinks blood. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Jesus will not placate our obvious flesh needs. He gave us a reasonable brain, our five senses, and an insatiable belly for that. Jesus reveals to us, stunningly, the deep needs in our inner man, we never knew we needed.  All the obvious channels, the pop music, the movies, the Christian conferences, even healthy relationships, scratch the surface of it.

Our need is to be perfectly loved by the perfect Man.

Not theologically.

Not even rationally.

Not in a way that will please our vanity.

Mysteriously, supernaturally, mercifully.

Curiously, it first creates a broken and contrite response. Then once you feel yourself sitting below the bottom rung, in the dirt, it is this mysterious, supernatural, merciful love in the form of Jesus Himself.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHe and He alone, raises you up and gives you what you have needed your entire life, every moment of your life: To be deeply known and loved.

A swelling and erupting ,an awakening, like the first buds on the tree at the end of long, gray, cold March.




31 days of writing series following the daily prompts given at Five Minute Friday.

Click here to read this series from the beginning.


2 thoughts on “October 7th: Love {31days writing challenge}

  1. The book of John is also one of my favorites. The intimacy of friendship and devotion creates a living picture of how our spiritual can be like. And you made me laugh out loud when I read: “No one eats flesh and drinks blood. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” I mean, really, who does that?! Of course, we know there’s more to life than flesh and blood and Jesus was always taking us beyond what our eyes could see.


  2. So much truth in this post. It’s funny. I’ve come full circle. I went to church for 16 years. Walked out when my dad died. Stayed away for years. Became a Christmas/Easter church person. Met Jesus at 42. Went to church religiously for 6 years. Finally understood grace. Attend church here and there because my relationship with Jesus is more important than my relationship with a building. It’s all about Jesus.


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