October 4th: Embrace {31 days of writing}

31 DAYSThere is this cool song.

It is by a group called The Digital Age.

And let me apologize in advance for being a total eye-roll-worthy-hipster; but you have probably not heard of them.

They get more hits of youtube than they sell records, kinda band.

Anyway, they have this song. Its title is: I Am A Seed.

Here are few lines.

Lines I jog to every morning, when I do jog that is.

It has become a bit of an anthem for me.

King of Glory, oh my Jesus Christ/
Free me from what keeps me from your light/
I can feel this heart beating inside/
I don’t know when I’ve felt more alive/

Oh I’ve been pushed down into the ground/
Oh how I’ve been trampled down/
So many feet on top of me/
I can’t help but sink, sink, sink/

Oh I am a seed, Oh I am seed/

I’ve been pushed down into the ground
But i will rise up a tree

 If we are to share glory with Christ we must embrace the suffering and the smallness and obscurity  of Christ.
“So many feet on top of me
Can’t help but
But I will put my trust in thee
I will rise up {as He rose up} a TREE”.
Embrace small,
it is the new big.
It is part of their Rehearsals EP Album. It is much more powerful and dance-y viewing and hearing it as they play from their studio. The camera work and lighting alone is enough to put you in a good and encouraged mood.
Like a Tree
31 Days of Writing with Five Minute Friday.



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