Like a Tree

31 DAYS“Be glad you live in world that has Octobers” ~Anne Shirley of Ann of Green Gables

October is one of my favorite months.

September proved to be overwhelming and torturous, as life and the human experience sometimes is.

But it is a new month, and a new season, in that triple- layer- cake- way, that only God can orchestrate.

One layer, of my “many slices” is, for the first time, to participate in one of the many 31 day writing challenges that pop up and congest Bloglandia every October.

I chose five minute Friday because this group is:




Every day my butt in a chair in front of our PC screen as soon as the family leaves for school instead of picking up breakfast. Like the leaves outside my door right now, this series may meander and flit and skip. It may land in a dirty puddle and look completely unattractive some days. Then surprise you by being lovely and bright and sanguine the next. And like the autumn leaves on display in Upstate New York where I am from, leaves that draw thousands of tourists every year, all it REALLY is this:

Simply another stage, season, layer, of its life cycle.

The most awesome, being when it is completely empty of the chlorophyll that initially gave it life. That is when the spectacular show begins. That is when everyone whips out his or her camera and breaths, “I want to remember this”.

Do you want to be remembered for something before you lay down forever?

Get ready to be emptied.

However, unlike the cycle of a leaf, YOU, “who are much more precious than the lilies of the field” have years, decades, of Springs, Summers, Autumns, and Winters. And our final laying down? It is NOT to be eventual worm food like the maple leaves in my lawn will soon be, but Eternal Glory with Jesus Christ.

So, if you so wish, check in every day to read my quick 5 minute post { i promise!!} about this seasonal layer of emptying to be one day full. Five minute Friday picks the topic, as listed on the chart above, and I will just type whatever pops into this tired brain and let my fingers fly.

click here to direct you to Day 1 in: Like A TREE

Then simply go to “next post” at the bottom of this post  to read in order.



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