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There is this kinda depressing/creepy song on the radio right now. It plays on the top hits channel that I am forced to listen to with two middle-school aged daughters.

Its title is:

“my heart is a ghost town”.

He opens his depressing ballad with the lines of:

I used to believe in God and James Dean but Hollywood sold out and all the saints closed the gates and would not let me in” {or something close to that}

It precedes to list all those things that fail him.

He “has a dream all the machines are unplugged and all his friends can’t be found”

He concludes, “my heart is a ghost town”.

It switches to this haunting whistling and psychedelic rhythmic beat that is undeniably catchy and creepy and dark.

I have heard it twice driving my old minivan in the last two days by myself {okay I just accidentally confessed that I listen to top hit music channels sometimes, without my girls around} and really listened to what this young man was expressing.

He is a sad, hopeless, poet.

He is honest.

He is 100 percent right.

Nothing fills the vacancy in man’s heart, but the son of Man.

Religion in of itself is a slow death of an ever hardening heart.

Driving through the ATM line and then to Wal-Mart I prayed for this young man, this pop star, whomever he is.

I thanked God that He allowed his craft and talent to be an outlet.  He is being blessed with success if he is on the radio, and he dared to be honest. I prayed for his ghost town heart to perceive in the distance a glorious light which is Christ, coming down for us, raising up in victory for us.

A weird, worldly, creepy, irreligious pop song showed me that when it comes to true needs of the human heart we are all the



Linking up late with the lovely crowd over at Kate’s Place for Five Minute Friday.

**please read my post-post**

I wrote this post in five minutes at my Barnes and Noble cafe and then had to leave;  not linking it up with 5minfri because I knew there were too many typos. Later, I googled this song and immediately found out the artist is Adam Lambert; discovered on American Idol a few years ago and a homosexual.  I have tremors in my hands and my heart is beating funny right now because God is speaking to His Bride on how we should be looking at the gay community as individual souls first.

**My disclaimer* *If you google this video it is very creepy.  I did not watch the entire video because of the feeling it gave me.

Take that as you will, but would please join me in praying for Adam, a lost soul because of the human condition as a result of Satan’s deception, just as we once were.



4 thoughts on “SAME_five minute friday

  1. Interesting. I watched Adam Lambert in his pursuit of American Idol – his voice, was hands-down, the best on the show that season, but he didn’t win. I always wondered if it was because he was already destined for success and everyone knew it. I’ve seen him since, on other shows, and he presents himself as kind; he has a beautiful smile. And he is still so, extremely talented. I am fairly confident that he has the ability to draw on his own life experience for the emotion and pathos you describe. I hope he, and others like him, can find/know Jesus’s love and grace… I hope we can. Thankful I am one of your neighbors at FMF.


  2. Hey Dear Leah,
    Thanks for sharing this and thanks for your sensitivity!
    I just googled the lyrics—this one caught my heart: “Saw all of the saints, Lock up the gates, I could not enter” and that’s what I’ve been seeing and hearing so much lately on so many levels. Somewhere along the way we turned unconditional love and the free gift of Grace, into a conditional/performance/acceptance basis.
    God only asked that we believe (John 3:16), no one makes it on any part of the law…we all fall and will continue to fall short daily. “I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness came from the law then Christ died in vain..” (Gal. 2:21).
    I pray we can love people wildly, treat others as we want to be treated, and be sure not to get in the way of the “gates,” as noted in the song, because there’s only one way in for all of us and that’s through The Blood.

    *Side note–when the Angel of the Lord came through the land to destroy the firstborn, He looked at the blood and passed on–He didn’t look at was happening in the houses.

    Love to you and stay so wonderfully sensitive!


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