HERE_five minute friday


One-thousand tasks to be done & zero plans fulfilled

Four children who need now & a single dream still fuzzy in the horizon

A do-er who needs to be a fighter

Right here

Right now

Invisible battles

Hints of somethings

Half-true phrases

Spinning around;right here

“doing is not the same as fighting” He says

Doing finds just the right stride and propels forward

Fighting finds the accurate stance and stands firm

Right where I am.

Right here.


stand your ground

Linking up late in the day at Kate’s Place for another Five Minute Friday after a full day instead of part of my usual quiet morning routine.

But I am here.



6 thoughts on “HERE_five minute friday

  1. Love this thought: “Fighting finds the accurate stance and stands firm.” I feel like that’s a word for me, right now. Thinking of you, friend.


    • I’ve been thinking of you too Jacqui!
      It has been a pretty difficult time; difficult to not be a do-er.
      But when you decided to follow Christ, really follow in deed, not just talk, you take any position He directs.


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