Toast the moon


It had been a hot July day.

The kind of day where you better get the housework done by noon, and dinner is put in a crock pot because if anyone turns on the oven in our small kitchen the make up is going to start melting off my face.  The better part of the afternoon was spent in and out of our small above pool we got for free on Craig’s list last summer {that incidentally took most of the summer to assemble and put back up}. I finished Harper Lee’s Go Set A Watchman in a low slung beach chair with my feet in the pool. There is something about Southern fiction that gets me all romantic and philosophical at the same time.

After three straight days of reading Scout and Atticus Finch I even find the running dialogue in my head to have a slight dra-awl.

I loved the book because it made me laugh and think and recommend you read it, {here is my review on goodreads} before you delve into all the online chatter about it. Harper Lee tackles delicate and controversial topics, and readers deserve the right to interpret a story using their own two sides of their brain prior to reading the two sides of online debates. Including my review!

There is a scene where Scout goes night swimming with her long time beau Henry. Before getting our pool I had not gone night swimming since I was a teenager. The long hot days of summer turns the evenings into a different type of animal:

Darkness is a relief.


Night sounds of summer bugs are a seasonal symphony.

We drink chilled white wine instead of dry red.

The girls stay up late.

We go night swimming.

One of the best investment I have made is stringed deck lights.

DSCN1088It is the perfect way to stretch out the cool relief of night.

Our deck is our summer living room.

Dinner digests on old deck furniture with our feet up on old weathered picnic benches turned coffee table.

Air conditioner and television not required.

DSCN1072A dull orange glow orbs across the pool deck in a swag of perfect circles and dimly reveals the oily dark waters of the pool looking romantically inviting.

However, come 9:30 at night I am tired and pretty unmotivated. Peeling off clothes and squeezing into a not quite dry Lycra and spandex suit seems like a lot more work than I am capable of doing right now. But the moon is almost full and the breeze has picked up and if I remain seated and still much longer I will probably just fall asleep; and that feels like a waste.

So I swim.

At first by myself as everyone else is occupied in their own pursuits at the moment. It strikes me that there was a time when the only thing I lived for was to get a little bit of alone time. Then, like a sudden shift in the weather no one saw coming, I find myself secluded and tucked with my own uninterrupted thoughts, often. And as human nature always dictates, getting what we always wanted does not really make us happy.

From the pool the back of the house looks like a happy face.


the face of our home looking at me

The figures of my family going from one room to another blur by between the fabric curtains.

It is easier to pray and take it all in when one is all alone that is for sure. And what is it that I pray and dwell on the most? My family of course. I listed out #2,000 on my gift listing gratitude journal and it did not take me long, as I thumb past over three years of entries to see the girls and Tim dominating the stats.

And yet.

I am incapable of loving them well, of being present and patient, unless I get my scheduled introvert fill of secluded silence. And just like the hot glare of summer sun over the long July days makes the pitch night all the more inviting, my ” I just need to be alone” stretch of time mellows me to love better.

But man was not made to live in the night, now matter how cool and inviting and philosophical.

And man was not made to be alone.

So I toast the moon and walk back inside a noisy, messy, every single light on, home, filled with those I love.

toast the moom



4 thoughts on “Toast the moon

  1. I think this one was my favorite so far! Know exactly what you mean about getting what you want but not being as pleased with it as anticipated. God did not make us to live alone – this is true. So…I combined the two last night and enjoyed the moon WHILE I walked into the encroaching darkness WITH Michael! haha


  2. I just moved to Arizona. A whole other world. A whole other heat. I’m so appreciating the night time like never before. I only own the scooter. I love 17 miles from the hospital. I start at 6am. I thought why not ride it to work this morning in the dark? It was amazing. Warm and cool and lonely roads. I arrived after 40 minutes or so. Got an amazing photo of an Arizona sunrise. The hospital has covered parking for two wheeled vehicles. I guess so you don’t burn your buttocks after your ride has been baking in the Arizona daylight. I thought I might die from the heat on my ride home. I had to stop for water after 10 miles of riding. It was like riding face first into the world’s largest blow dryer. Only hotter! Tomorrow I’m going to drive to work in the rental. I’ll wait for the temperature to fall below triple digits before I do that again! And now I’m going to post this on my blog. Haha!


    • Yes I have been reading about your move. I can imagine how the Arizona sun would make the dawn and evenings very attractive!
      Get some good desert photos, I have read that out west the landscape has its own unique beauty.

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