TEN_five minute friday

2015-07-20 14.13.19

I know what is behind me.


“Where do you see yourself in ten years”?

The casual question kept forming, and fuzzy indistinct images would follow.

Then we started reading through Francis and Lisa Chan’s book You And Me Forever: Marriage in the Light of Eternity, and wouldn’t you know that was one of the first reflective questions.

In ten years our first born will be 23: a year older than I was when I birthed her.

The rest of our girls’ ages line up like dominoes in my mind eyes:




I can’t even began to picture adult and near adult children.

What I can picture is the blur of the last 13 and the heavy pressure that sits right underneath my collar bone and steely will calcifying in its place to muster all my Mama Super Power to slow down and pay attention these next 10.

Our moving is not really about:

getting the built up equity out of this first house

a different school district

less commute time

lower taxes

more land so we can plant more tomatoes

it is really about them.

It is about the next TEN.

They need me physically less and less as their legs get longer and longer and their figures more shapely {Tim doesn’t want to talk about it}

But a mother knows they need my light touch of being that blur in the background presence.

Always waiting to come into the sharp focus when THEY decided they possibly might need ME.

Five women under one roof need space from each other with several threads of good connections to others. Other faces than those they see sitting at the kitchen table each morning. They drift in different directions during the day, but at least for the next 10, they drift back, like perpetual morning mist and evening fog to Mom and Dad.

To our home.

I pray for a double spirit of intuition for the next 10 so the blur of another decade has genuine joy threaded all through it.

blur of the past


Joining up again with the deep thinking, creative, lovely, crowd over at Kate’s place for another Five Minute Friday.

Join in or simply spend a morning reading other contributions.

I bet you’ll be glad you did.



5 thoughts on “TEN_five minute friday

  1. Hello! Stopping in from Five Minute Friday. Ten years…..behind and before. What a difference ten can make! I love how you are looking ahead..planning the legacy you will leave in the lives of your children these next ten years. Great post!!


  2. I can so relate to this post. My daughter will be 22 in ten years. The years to come excite and scare me at the same time. We too are trying to move, reestablish a norm for the coming years. Thanks for the words


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