HOPE_five minute friday


“Hope is a thing of feathers”

So wrote Emily Dickons:

Melancholy recluse from the 19th century.

Feathers to fly.

Fly away or fly towards?

But it is not the feathers, now is it, that cause the bird to fly?

{Visual metaphors aside}

It is because their bones are hollow.

It is because they are so light.

It is because they have stamped, predetermined, an election of purpose, instinctual, inside of them to take off and defy gravity the moment they spread their wings.

I doubt they doubt.

It is us human, with those pesky brains, that do so.

So, no offense Miss Dickons, but hope is not a thing of feathers

but of


A lack of heaviness within.

A determined “I am not going to get bogged down with the what ifs?” inside our heads.

A going out into something new, or as is more often the case, continuing to do what we are called to do, morning after morning, night after night, with the absence of not having all the answers and getting it.

So it seems that to be filled with HOPE is to be okay with not having a whole lot, but knowing you will be carried by something, Someone, invisible and sure and strong.

Stop.empty with flightAnother long ABSENCE of my own of not writing. Mostly because we are, yet again, HOPING to sell our house and move. It’s the third time. And as much as I am praying for a ridiculously quick sale because we feel so sure that things have been happening to get us right up to this point to start a new phase in our lives, what I really need is a ridiculous amount of peace during this process.

Happy Friday to all you out there in Bloglandia as I link up with Kate at her Five Minute Friday writing party.  Poor Emily Dickons, if only she could of been around in the age of blogs.



4 thoughts on “HOPE_five minute friday

  1. Great post, Leah. I love the analogy to birds flying and having no doubt. They don’t need hope because they are just doing the exact thing they were created to do. So, our Hope comes from a lack of heaviness within, as you said, and just getting up each morning and doing the thing WE were created to do. Hope that God is in control and will orchestrate our lives as He has ordained. Thank you for your words today. Visiting from FMF!


  2. Hi Leah,

    Nice to meet you!

    I think hope is freedom (like a bird in flight). It allows us to look beyond our borders. With eyes lifted to the One who gives us life and the ability to be power-filled Christ followers. Hope breathes life into our souls. I am so thankful.

    Enjoyed spending time with you here!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted


  3. Hey Leah, I love your analogy of hope being a lack of heaviness within. God is so good to give us that kind of hope when we need it and call out to Him. Also, praying for your house to sell. New beginnings,though scary, are also so nice and refreshing. It sounds like you guys are ready for that. Anyway, thinking of you! P.S. I sent an email in reply to your comment on my blog last week, but I’m not sure if you got it? Just thought I’d ask, just in case. No worries if you’ve been busy… I mean, how many time have I take forever to get back to you! 🙂 Much love.


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