BLUE_five minute friday


All our eyes are blue.

At one point all of the hair on our respective little heads were blond- pure pale blond- that Clairol can never quite duplicate.

Now a days he and I have much darker hair, just about brunette.

The oldest and youngest girls have retained that California blond.

The two middlers- daughter two and three- have a golden ash hue hovering in between, that fluctuates with the seasons it seems.

Some have Dad’s ear and gift for music.

Some share my way at looking at the world and a need to slip away.

Some are exuberant in their feelings and thoughts.

Some have an old soul.

We are all sarcastic.

Genetically, the blue eyes were stamped upon them as their tiny, tiny bodies were being knitted in pools of life giving blood, hidden from the human eye.

Children are interesting creatures of study.


As every parent knows, despite raising them in the same environment, they each develop in completely different and unique ways.

Their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, talents, and way of looking at the world, vary is subtle complex shades, like the shades of our ash-brown hair.

New experiences really expose this:

like going to the beach this month.

How one handles a long car ride.

How one reacts to not getting enough sleep.

How one burns so much more quickly than the other.

How one can stay in the 50 degree Atlantic ocean for longer than should be humanly possible.

But we all have blue eyes.

A predetermined stamp in our DNA.

This is comforting.

It reminds me of the great truth that all of humanity has stamped upon themselves- all seven billion plus- the image of God.


Like father like son.


Human experience and millenniums ripples over and we wonder that we can really be the same species.

But somewhere, like a long ago deeply buried cord, there is a commonality.

That cord is tethered to heaven.

It has imputed upon it a single bond that simply IS.

Made in His Image.

The divine that goes deeper than DNA.

Blue eyes or not.

DSCN0709 DSCN0711






DSCN0708 DSCN0707







Life has been busy and writing has been non-existent for me for nearly a month.

Thankful for a quiet open Friday morning enabling me to link up with Kate at Five Minute Friday again.

Join in or simply peruse some good, straight from the gut, writing.



3 thoughts on “BLUE_five minute friday

  1. Loved reading your thoughts……so much truth in “The divine that goes deeper than DNA”. No matter how much many of the seven billion plus may want to reject that possibility, they cannot escape their Creator.

    Tammy ~@~


    • Thanks Tammy!
      Remember that the vast majority of humans have deep seeded religious beliefs and have since the beginning of humanity. Atheism is not what is tearing people from God, it is the distorted image of God-that He is too far removed to care. It is what Christ ushered in-intimacy that was lost in the garden. We should be a people that reflect intimacy with our God.
      Enjoy you weekend!


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