DOOR_five minute friday


Every morning for the last two weeks when my feet hit the living room floor, by eyes lift up and search out the front house windows.

My forsythia bush in the front corner of our front lawn sits just in eye view, and each day it gets brighter and denser.

From mellow yellow bits vibrating out of brown sticks


vivid yellow, plush and snagging the eye immediately.

It’s more stimulating than starbucks { and that is saying something}.

Like an i.v. hook up of sanguine to drip into and flush through my brain.

If you think about it:

it is stange


universally agreed upon

that bright colors are especially potent in their ability to stimulate positive feelings and hope.

My forsythia bush, for the last 14 years we have lived in this house, is my sign post:



It makes me happy, and I forget how everything in my life is so freakin annoying!

I don’t know a single woman who does not have the persistent itch of something they need to get through right now, and then it will be better.

Its okay.

We are programmed to look forward to Spring.

If only the sign post of:

“hey over here, this is the way” was as so obvious as my forsythia.

We are taught and we believe that:

“God is in all, through all, and works all things together as good”

Any yet,

_____________________________ {fill in the blank}.

“Lord I believe, but help my unbelief”.

So I took out my camera to take a picture of my forsythia bush, because that is what bloggers do.

It’s so resplendent bright however, zooming in spot on would just create a yellow blur of zig-zag branches and pointed petals.

So I macro zoomed on a






shoot of life.

Growing sideways {not what it is supposed to do}

out of a



weather worn

dull colored


that someone else was going to throw away, but was rescued.

The effect was magnificent.

The forsythia bush became glory in the not too far removed landscape.

I’m so restless for the next.

And to a certain point I know I will always will be.

It’s me.

And I want easy obvious picture perfect signs.

But the way to resplendent glory

{which is always summed up in:God’s perfect personal plan to redeem}

is seeing, sensing, focusing on tiny verdant life, not even going in the “right” direction, categorized by many as weeds, but in drawing no attention to itself; it points the way.

The door is sometimes a crack.

the door is a crack


Linking up with the delightful crowd at Kate place for Five Minute Friday.

Its the first of May: May Day!

Resurrect the old British tradition of leaving flowers at someone’s door anonymously¬† {its even more fun to ring the bell and run}.

Kids love to do this because it feels like an obnoxious prank that mom says is okay.




7 thoughts on “DOOR_five minute friday

  1. I adore your description of new life and how a crack is in fact a door. Instead of waiting for a huge opening, sometimes we just need to squeeze through the cracks to get to where we need to be.


    • Thanks Kristina.
      I took that pic in the morning before I read the five minute word prompt, and the image would not leave my mind. I actually took a bunch of photos first of the purple pansies that are actually in the pot, but then noticed that little guy sticking out sideways. God always surprises us in sneaky little ways.


  2. Leah, I loved your post! Forsythia is one of my favorites especially because of the bright yellow color. I love how you focused on that little green shoot in the crack. I love to look for beauty in unexpected places so I can use my camera to capture it. Have a great day!


    • Thanks so much Gayl. Photography was definitely been one of those surprise blessings that has helped me to slow down and look and think and be thankful.


  3. Loving that little green shoot in the crack and I love the forsythia in the background. My grandma loved her forsythia and would update me on it’s progress every spring, for to her it was a sign of hope, like for you. I thought, when I was small, she was crazy to invest so much in a bush. Now, I’m especially attached to forsythias in bloom and I loved your post!
    -just a neighborly visit from FMF


    • Thanks Carol. Before I was a home owner and mother at home all the time, I never noticed things like that either. Little things that speak volumes.


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