Wait_five minute friday

vanishing point

The vanishing point

artists know how to, with a flick of bristle and acrylic and color, create that illusion of something that is right there and flat as receding further and further away

a talent I do not have

to make the near seem far away

ever notice God does things, so very often, the opposite of man?

the vanishing point in my life

the pinprick distance I can spot

right before the bend in the road, the climb up

is far off

But Not

because today’s now

simple repetitive but beautiful, is the process of being:

shaped and formed

brush stroked and colored

smudged and rubbed

and has everything to do with that vanishing point of tomorrow

my dreams

my heartaches

my restlessness

my optimism in the good

my despair over the evil

some days it appears to be a mess of running together colors and random textures

like looking at a Monet much too close

some days I am taken by absolute surprise  with glimpses of glory and I can’t believe I get to be a part of something so amazing, good, holy

like Isaiah before the throne

But if it is true that God is the creator of this world and of my life and His Spirit is the originator of all those dreams and longing and the tearing of deep satisfaction and empty dissatisfaction in a single heartbeat

then to Him it is a simple piece of stretched canvas of which He is in no hurry to be done with:

this one life I get to live

and my response?


In Trust

sledding picture #4 aka rosy distance


Five Minute Friday has rolled around  again.

This is my contribution.

Read more over at the host’s place, Kate, here.

Oh yeah, one more thing:

Daughter #3, aged 9, did this last photo edit herself of a picture I took while we were all  sledding on Martin Luther King Day last week.

I wrote the text.

On line editing is my new photo thing.

Here is the link to my favorite ridiculously easy free online editor



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