five minute friday_SHARE


I cannot  think of sharing without thinking about the word: alleviate

One’s excess purposely projected, like a well practiced pitch, to another so sinking down the act of raising boot off the ground is exhausting.

“Be nice and share”.

It is one of those “everything I ever needed to know about life I learned in Kindergarten” kinda thing.

Are we called to only gather sit back and enjoy the bounty



Are we called to shake our heads at suffering

get overwhelmed and sigh, what kind of world do we live in?

The image of The Good Samaritan keeps coming to my mind this week.

Jesus called him “good” because he stopped, noticed, not the mess bleeding out, but the one who was bleeding out.

He shared his deliberate time, his hard earned money, and continued with his concern after his initial response to come to aid.

We have so much, yet we women feel so empty.

We fill up on so many good things to be encouraged, I do too, but Jesus called the Samaritan “good” because he stopped walking down the right and proper road he was traveling, to stop and share with someone, a certain “type” in whom his society had nothing in common with, and quite frankly didn’t like.

Could I share with some one like that?



After many months of being away it feels good and comfortable to connect up in this little holy huddle in bloglandia called:

Five Minute Friday.

one word prompt

five minutes of letting yourself get quiet and nudged and then fingers fly over sticky keypads.

Click over to Kate’s site, our host, to read and write and share yourself.


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