And so.

Here it is.

The day after The Day.

The Babe has been faithfully counting down the days till Christmas since December 1.

Yesterday, passing through the living room, no doubt with an arm-full of stuff to attempt to put into some order, I spotted   our Target one dollar chalkboard Christmas countdown sign; it still had a single strike of “1” smeared on it.

“Look…the sign says one” I tell her. “But it’s not one…its here!  What should we write?”.

She pauses and pronounces: “zero”.

I nod but decide, Nope.

“No. Not, zero. Zero means nothing. Today is not nothing.”

and I mark it out in dust: 3 6 5.

It’s RESET time.

I complain, like a lot, about Christmas.  From black Friday till Christmas Eve, eve…I am exasperated, and cynical, and short tempered about all these Holiday expectations and demands…”THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH JESUS”!…I sneer righteously and frequently and annoyingly.

However, later in the evening, after my long hot soaking bath that I always take late Christmas afternoon with a new soy candle I buy for myself, chocolate from a stocking, and wine not from a box, I write this out in my journal:

“Christmas day always surprises me…it’s the day of fully exhaling…

After the extra responsibilities, the extra expense, the extra tasks, the extra food, the extra drinking, when I already have too much stuff, am already to the brim with responsibilities, we have hardly any extra money to speak of, already eat and drink too much, and I have long felt like a wind up toy of mechanical tasks, Christmas day always surprises me”.

*the delight of wrapped presents

*the still-child-enough-to-believe-in-Santa wild excitement from the babe

*wearing jammies all day

*napping in snips off and on again with Tim on the couch

*watching “Ralphie” { a Christmas story} in the middle of the day, when we have given up on trying to nap

*putting on our coats and assortment of new boots/winter accessories and crossing the driveway to give candy and cookies to our elderly widow neighbor, making polite chit chat with her adult children who we really don’t get along with, but are nice because it is Christmas and she is alone

*opening a wrapped over-sized box labeled: For Mom&Dad, to find several bottles of “poo- pourrie” inside waiting, that all four girls pooled their money together for, ordered on-line, swiped the credit card, typed out the numbers and security code and expiration date and mailing address, then waited for on the porch, and immediately wrapped when it came, to put under the tree, so we could all have a good hearty laugh…because I did not see that one coming

{view youtube clip at your leisure if you so wish and are confused}

All these things, plus several little other surprises, and a few more yearly traditions, add up to:

the day of Reset

the day of Exhale,

the day of saying “we remember you Jesus and always will” no matter the social trends. or political correctness, or human weariness.

Christmas always surprises me in its beautiful simplicity, in its “why don’t I remember it is always like this…why can’t I just be patient and relax and remember”.

Because that is what Jesus does.

He surprises us in His beautiful simplicity, and He never wearies of us, though I am certain He asks from heaven every day:

“why can not you remember Me,

so you can then take MY patience and rest

…it is after all why I came that day on what you call Christmas”.

And so with the new year just upon us, we peer over the edge into 2015 and know that we can close our eyes and RESET again because He is there too… full of surprises and waiting.




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